Essential Dog grooming products

June 18th, 2014
rosemary lavender ylang ylang gift box


Essential Dog is a 100 per cent Australian-made and owned range of natural dog grooming products including dog shampoo, conditioners and deodorisers. Their earth-friendly products contain no sulphates, parabens, synthetic fragrances or toxic chemicals.

Infused with a unique blend of seven certified organic extracts, antioxidants and heavenly aromatherapy blends, their ultra-mild products are sure to make bath-time a relaxing experience.

Dogs Life has three gift packs to give away. Choose between Lavender, Rosemary & Ylang ylang (normal skin); Chamomile, Sweet Orange & Rosewood (sensitive skin) and Lavender, Lemon Peel & Sage (adults and puppies).

**To enter, tell us in 25 words or less why you and your pooch would love to win in the reply box below.**

Please remember to sign in and update the Contact Info for Competition section and read the Condition of Entry before entering.

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91 Responses to Essential Dog grooming products

  1. brodie.collett2 says:

    I recently read about massaging you ageing dog ( it was in the latest dogs life magazine) and I think that my dog would love a warm, bubbly massage and to smell nice to!

  2. millie says:

    ‘Tis a DOG’S LIFE, rolling ’round in ‘stinky stuff!’
    With Essential Dog, I smell sweet, no longer stink!
    Kinder to my skin too, methinks!

  3. Jo Craze says:

    My staffy loves to lick my maltese’s face so bath time is his fate
    He wouldn’t mind if he had some pampering time

  4. Trumpess says:

    Our white maltipoo always gets comments about how white she is. I would be proud to say we use a 100% Aussie product, essential dog.

  5. mandachic says:

    Like dog, like owner, looking good means feeling good and feeling good is GREAT!

  6. CptnKirk says:

    Sasha loves rolling in anything stinky, and with her severe grass allergies and dermatitis, finding sensitive products that suit can be difficult.

  7. kozack says:

    scruffy dog loves rain she ,looks like a drowned rat when wet,but after grooming she looks gorgeous would love her to smell it too.

  8. Jo Miller says:

    Be it dead worm, possum pee or eau de poofume, we would love to win to rid his coat of all manner of deadly smelling sins

  9. donkey12 says:

    He is loving this wet weather for mud,
    Need him in the suds!
    Smelling and looking great,
    At the moment, he’s a state!

  10. Louisa says:

    Millie and I could BOTH do with some calming Lavender on her normal skin.

  11. Zoe Davey says:

    Puppydog Max needs the Chamomile, Sweet Orange & Rosewood as he has sensitive skin and doesn’t want to make his best buddy our baby son Matthew smelly!

  12. Johanna Rees says:

    Molly loves rolling in ‘smelly things’ on our farm, so she doesn’t always smell ‘so sweet’, We both need Essential Dog products in our lives!

  13. Michelle says:

    Tess is a rescued dog who loves to be pampered- I think she may have been a royal corgi in a previous life…..

  14. bexibex says:

    My dog gets into so many TANGLES. He’d look a million COLLARS with a proper groom!

  15. vme66 says:

    Who sits outside, digging holes and barking at the neighbours? It’s a dogs life for me!! Couch, cream biscuits and the essential, smelling good!

  16. Tania Foster says:

    Considering I get more soapy water on me than the dog – at least with this prize I’d smell nice.

  17. lillyslife says:

    My Golden Retriever puppy Stella is forever digging for gold (that’s what I tell myself) in our muddy backyard. She used to be a blonde!!!!!

  18. Izzy says:

    My little dog has allergies which make him chew on his feet. I would love to try your natural products. We have tried just about everything else!

  19. Vera Mills says:

    My Havanese pup, Lily has skin allergies so the sensitive skin pack would make her life blissful and comfortable.

  20. Lee Marsden says:

    After a hard day chewing bones, chasing birds and playing in the mud, cooper would love a relaxing bath before bed!

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  21. Helen Museth says:

    Hello, I have a mixed bunch of dogs that we have been lucky to own. I do Obedience Trialing and always want my girls to look good. Some of my girls have sensitive skin so the Chamomile, Sweet Orange and Rose Wood would be just the thing to get them of to a good start in the ring.

  22. cookienookie says:

    I have two toy poodles. One (Waffle) has sensitive skin and the other (Cookie) loves to be pampered and massaged.

    1. cookienookie says:

      So, chamomile.

  23. Suzie Sims says:

    nothing better then a grooming and bonding session combined with my pooch, would love to do it more often!

  24. Spun says:

    My dog is extremely metro sexual and I suspect might be a little bit gay. He’s very fastidious about his grooming, loves Cats and would just adore a good lavender, lemon peel and sage pooch pamper.

  25. my two staffy pups need all the lavender calming they can get!

  26. my jug puppy,jack russel x pug needs some love after a life change, moving being a single mum going back in to the work force he misses me and needs some love.

    Your address and postcode in Contact info for Competition Section are needed for posting products to the winners

  27. Milo And I want to win so that we can travel to our local Red Collar Rescue and bath the homeless dogs with beautiful shampoo!

  28. Sallyanne4 says:

    Joey, the poodle, says he’d love to grab the attention of his crush Lucy the Labrador rocking his sweet smelling locks.

  29. Our Frenchie has constant dandruff and sheds black fur everywhere, this sounds heavenly for her, anything that brings her comfort and Joy

    Your address and postcode in Contact info for Competition Section are needed for posting products to the winners

  30. Abby Lee says:

    Our pooch has sensitive skin from allergies so this pack would be ideal for him

  31. I have yet to find a good shampoo and conditioner for my dog Missy, i have not tried this brand before and would love to see for myself if her skin takes to it. The , Sweet Orange & Rosewood sounds lovely, i take her to the Dog park daily and as she has white fur she gets dirty which i end up having to bathe her a few times a week. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  32. fultonclan says:

    We pick up our new black lab puppy in two weeks and she deserves to be pampered right from the start!

  33. Would love to win this for our Bella Dog, have her smelling good, she sleeps on my sons bed and he has allergies so we have to be careful what wash we use on our pup.

  34. Rocky is the Fabio of the Rottweiler world, he needs to be soft, shiny and smelling a treat so everyone watches as he trots past

  35. angels22 says:

    Gypsy is a long haired Chihuahua/Pomeranian with the most beautiful pure white silky long coat we would love to use this dog grooming products.

  36. Poppy deserves to be pampered with Essential Dog – we all need some “me” time after all.

  37. tiger01 says:

    Our dogs love living on the farm, but it means they’re often needing a bath! I’d love to add a little bit of luxury for them

  38. This would be wonderful to help our pup smelling and looking great

  39. I’d love my pooch to smell amazing and I’m sure she’d appreciate it too

  40. Danni Mason says:

    After running through creeks and rolling around the paddocks we all need a good bath before lying in front of the fire, puppy love !!

  41. lisa_f says:

    While my dog actually probably wouldn’t want to win this (what dog would want to win a bath?!), I would love to win so my pooch can smell beautiful after rolling around in all those winter puddles!

  42. klokwerk says:

    Baths can be a bit of a nightmare at our house and I’d love for it to be a more relaxing experience for us both!

  43. biscuit77 says:

    I would love to win this but my Cavalier prefers he’s own scent Le Stinky Pue.

  44. kellie farley says:

    Our Pug Fudge would love to win Essential Dog Grooming Products to make him smell amazing and make his bathing experience relaxing and enjoyable

  45. justinmalk says:

    About to pick up our puppy Oskar for the first time,
    Essential Dog will help him smell just divine.

  46. maisythedog says:

    We only use quality, chemical free, Australian made & owned products for ourselves, so why not do the same for our Staffy, Miss Maisy-Moo.

  47. casslog says:

    Our Staffy Maggie comes everywhere with us from camping to the beach . She is always in need of a god grooming.

  48. handyandy says:

    My french bulldog has skin allergies but smells too – natural dog grooming products is just what she needs!!!

  49. Kara Ellen says:

    One of our little chihuahuas is a little stinkpot and we have to bathe her so often – these natural products would be great for her skin!!

  50. littleterrier says:

    I love to pamper my best mate
    Winning Essential Dog normal would be great
    She’d be relaxed at bath time
    Washing wouldn’t be a crime

  51. My 18 month old german shepherd has very dry skin and is constantly itchy so she would love this to give her some relief

  52. scruffydog says:

    I’m Lucy a Terrier,I love attention and I’d love EssenTAIL dog for normal skin…guaranteed to get me lots of attention….plus happy Mum.

  53. ella says:

    Me and my puppy would love this grooming pack cause occasionally she gets a bit smelly. As she enjoys rolling around in the mud.

  54. My dogs LOVE their baths, this would make it even more enjoyable for us all!

    1. sue1 says:

      My dogs only get bathed in the summer so when they do I like to know they smell and look their best

  55. brodie.collett2 says:

    My dog Tess is a kelpie Coolie so is a working dog. I want her to come inside sometimes but we cant bring her in the loungeroom because she is a bit stinky. We have tried so many shampoos but none of them last. If I won this pack it would be put to good use. Plus Tess deserves a pamper.

  56. brodie.collett2 says:

    I love my dog Mutley because she is a gorgeous, fun and unique dog with plenty of glamour and style. If she won this shampoo pack she would definitely turn some heads.

  57. brodie.collett2 says:

    its very of topic, but im a new member (even though I have been reading dogs life for a long time) can anyone tell me how to change my profile pic?

  58. brodie.collett2 says:

    My dog Mutley loves to be pampered. She is the dog version of Barbie. Using essential dog sensitive skin will leave her smelling and looking beautiful

  59. brodie.collett2 says:

    My dog Mutley loves to be pampered. She is the dog version of Barbie. Using essential dog sensitive skin will leave her smelling and looking beautiful.

  60. Our little Cujo just loves spa day and being safe and natural gets his tail wagging.

  61. Nessy says:

    Having sensitive skin myself I am always on the lookout for products containing natural ingredients, saves my sensitive skin plus my dogs love it too!

  62. Bel Bon says:

    I have 2 dogs, Nippy the chihuahua and Pappy the papillon. Pappy is highly allergic and has allergies so this would be perfect for him.

  63. Kim Campbell says:

    Organic products are great and if this product can relax my dog so he enjoys his bath that’s great for me instead of struggling to keep him in the bath.

  64. Kathy Mason says:

    Having very dry skin, she needs something that is gentle for her.

  65. The Chamomile, Sweet Orange and Rosemary for Penny the bull terrier’s skin so sensitive and pink would be puppy bliss.

  66. sue66b says:

    Patchy the itchy Staffy, would love to bath in Sweet Oranges & Rosewood,
    he’ll be the best smelling staffy in the neigbourhood….

  67. Kylie T says:

    Maximus says no ‘bath tub’
    unless it includes a groom and tummy rub
    please help pamper with this hamper
    a great win for sensitive skin!.

  68. As we live in an apartment, mum likes to keep us smelly nice, even though we are boys, the senstive skin sounds a bit manish to us.Bring it on.

  69. Amy Gore says:

    I have a male Staffordshire bull terrier with terrible skin allergies. He is allergic to everything and gets itchy and breaks out in hives on a regular basis. I would love to sooth his itch with a sensitive skin pamper pack. He really deserves some soothing. I know he would love and appreciate it.

  70. Angelina says:

    With three boisterous babies, all different ages and one meticulous mummy there is a lot of bath time fun to be had!!

  71. Bella and Pania enjoy jumping in and laying down in the muddiest of puddles. They both have sensitive skin and during winter constanly need baths.

  72. JaxonAndJet says:

    Jaxon has sensitive skin,
    Normal dog shampoo causes an itchy chin.
    He’d love to try this shampoo,
    then look forward to a bath or two!

  73. purplecoffee says:

    I’d love to win this for my sisters pooch, Jazzi who lives on a dairy farm and spends her days running through muddy paddocks.

  74. Kelly Walter says:

    I would love to win for my Girl Sookie while she gets her Baths, she be’s pampered at the same time with this wonderful products

    Your address and postcode in Contact info for Competition Section are needed for posting products to the winners

  75. DIANA says:

    To make bath time a relaxing experience, not something to run away from.

  76. dildohead says:

    To smelly lovely so her grandparents don’t complain ‘she’s on the nose’ and insist she go outside while they’re over.

  77. Monty says:

    My dog Monty would really benefit from trying the Sweet Orange & Rosewood products for sensitive skin. When I wash him he gets very itchy skin and I have tried many products. I think one using natural ingredients would be a good idea. I’d love to try it and I think Monty would like the relief from itching too!

  78. My moodle, benji and I would love to smell and feel great and being a natural product is perfect for our echo friendly home.

  79. Miss Toffee is demanding a pamper day – what a relaxing treat this would be.

  80. mina1234 says:

    Essential Dog is Australian made, environmentally friendly and is sure to make bathing my dog less stressful and more relaxing. We would both enjoy it!

  81. This product looks great! Would love to give them a try!

  82. Elaine Smith says:

    Poor baby she can’t help it if she’s sensitive.

  83. charlottejoy says:

    Joy , chihuahua has pink sensitive skin ! I can’t find products like these ! we would be honoured to use these products. thank you

  84. Mandy Graham says:

    Holly needs a good bath. 🙂

  85. Maggie says:

    We love pampering our pooch with earth-friendly products containing no sulphates, parabens, synthetic fragrances or toxic chemicals – Essential Dog ticks all the boxes.

  86. She loves to be pampered like a princess, so she would love this

  87. Bec Agnew says:

    My English bull terrier who is pure white and become easily irritated on her skin loves rolling in the mud. Id love to win to treat her skin.

    Your address and postcode in Contact info for Competition Section are needed for posting products to the winners

  88. Missy, a black labrador, is constantly in our dam or local creek. She needs some lovely pampering products for her bath-time.

    Your address and postcode in Contact info for Competition Section are needed for posting products to the winners

    1. “Monty” is my 3rd recycled Greyhound” the others over the years have died with cancer. But I gave them a happy old age. They are lovely gentle animals and spend so much time just sleeping.

      Your address and postcode in Contact info for Competition Section are needed for posting products to the winners

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