Dog Aggression Problems Solved

December 18th, 2013
Aggression Cover


Dog aggression is not a subject that many dog owners like to talk about but it is an important one to discuss as it can be quite common. In her e-book, Dog Aggression Problems Solved, Dr Joanne Righetti discusses why dogs may be aggressive and what owners can do to reduce the potential of a bite or dog attack.

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23 Responses to Dog Aggression Problems Solved

  1. lindasteabben says:

    My Whippet hasn’t got a need,
    … but he’d love to donate it to dog school to teach the scary dogs!

  2. mazinadelaide says:

    What a fantastic tool to fall back on, especially with a new baby in the house and the worry how the dog will react.

  3. Kerry Green says:

    This would be very useful for my mum who trains dogs (and their owners) in the park on Sunday mornings free of charge.

  4. Janelle says:

    Off lead she’s a total charmer, however on lead she see’s everyone as the enemy and cant stop barking at them.

  5. I adopted a 15 year old from the pound and he is aggressive, I’d love to learn how to help him feel calm and safe.

  6. sbarker says:

    A certain someone had aggression issues when he first came home.. not now 🙂 this would be a great read and insight

  7. bexibex says:

    My doggy is best in show for bad behaviour. Help!

  8. I have a japanese spitz who is still a pup, but has a few behaviours which are heading towards aggression. With two kids under 4 in the house, we know we need to get on top of it as soon as possible and we are taking all the tips and ideas we can get!

  9. Caro Shanks says:

    Looks a little like my dog on the front, he can look at himself on the cover whilst I discover the problems that we share with my other dog. Namely her food aggression.

  10. My dog Mia has fear reactive behaviours that are undesirable it would be great to have a manual to help us through them.

  11. Malika Burke says:

    I dont want a dog that barks and bites, always hassling for a fight, please teach me to make him a friendly delight

  12. My minnie daschund’s sweet to people but is dog-aggressive and hates kids. With a baby on the way it’s so important i have this tool!

  13. My pooch and I would love to win this book so we can find ways to change his anxiety and aggression into more positive experiences

  14. Sue Lam says:

    I have spolit my dog too long and now its up to me to fix this problem!

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  15. My dog is extremely dog aggressive due to an abusive past (before we adopted him) and I would love to know how to help him cope better!

  16. My dogs beat each other up every time we go outside its like the hunger games! we need help!

  17. Kathy Mason says:

    Now I can learn how to get a tennis ball from my dog without getting bitten. Very possessive of them.

  18. with an aggressive kelpie who thinks she is leader of the pack this would come in handy

  19. kazbah says:

    Pet problems solved my perfect Summer project……. wonder if it would then also work on hubby and son!?

  20. We have a bouncy Lab adopted at 9months old. Starting to show aggression/ nerves towards some strangers? Attends dog school weekly and is fine there!!!

  21. My puppy is having a hard time settling into our home. This would be very helpful to help us help her!

  22. she has a few problems and maybe this will help

    1. I have a dog with small dog syndrome, and would like to know how he thinks!

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