DGG Red Rudy Tug Toy & Reindeer Plush Toy

October 21st, 2013
DGG Red Rudy Tug Toy Buddy


Designed with tough love in mind, this plush Christmas-themed toy can be used as a retriever or tug and provides hours of entertainment and mental stimulation for your pooch. DGG’s Reindeer Plush Toy is soft and cuddly, with stretch-pull legs and a squeaker. It will make an ideal gift for smaller dogs that love to play. Both toys are available at PETstock stores. For more information, visit www.doggonegorgeous.com.au

Dogs Life has 10 x DGG Christmas gift packs to giveaway, which include one Red Rudy Tug Toy and one Reindeer Plush Toy.

**To enter, tell us in 25 words or less why you and your pooch would love to win in the reply box below.**

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65 Responses to DGG Red Rudy Tug Toy & Reindeer Plush Toy

  1. maymerri says:

    My 3 month old Cavalier, Django would love to play with this for his first Christmas to make it a day we both enjoy!

    1. Nick Cooper says:

      I’d love this pack to distract Holly the Weimaraner, who is barking at the real reindeer that are parked on my roof.

  2. my baby brindie would love this toy for here first christmas, we had a house fire and we are still replacing most of her toys.

  3. nataliel says:

    My spoodle named coco would enjoy chewing on this toy! looks like it will be a challenge to destroy this one!

  4. Mikky says:

    My super active and intelligent border collie x koolie gets into all sorts of mischief, this would be ideal for her mental stimulation 🙂

  5. sliang says:

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  6. Josie C says:

    Bark, Bark, Woof, Grrrrr, Bark, Woof Woof
    Translation: “Pretty please DogsLIfe I will love you unconditionally”

  7. Katdragon says:

    My two beardies love to play tug of war with anything soft. Having a durable raindeer will keep them happy and away from my UGG boots!

    1. Katdragon says:

      Erm, I mean Reindeer!

  8. suzzie says:

    My dog gus would be so happy to play with red rudy he loves just laying down cuddling and sleeping with toys.

  9. My Shihtzu Benjie is very playful and loves his toys. He loves to play tug of war with me. This would make a great Christmas pressie for him.

  10. buffy13 says:

    so our puppy has something to chew on instead of our things

  11. jgbarrett says:

    My boy Jack would love new toys for his first Christmas with us.

  12. Corinna says:

    Bison and Frank would love this reindeer! They have indeed been especially good this year!

  13. When all the Christmas presents have gone, the fun will continue to go on and on…

  14. Sid would love this festive toy and certainly won’t feel at all left out if we can wrap this prize up for him.

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  15. My Choccoman would LOVE one… even though for smaller dogs Chocco doesn’t ‘play’ with his toys but makes friends with them! so gentle it would be the cutest to see a big bulldog and his reindeer mate 🙂

  16. Hayden says:

    It would stop Harley from using the lemon tree for tug-of-war

  17. Caro Shanks says:

    My Chihuahua X Whippet can only play with tug toys, rope bones. EVERYTHING else she destroys. She disembowels stuffed animals, de-fluffs tennis balls and decorates the back lawn with everything else.

  18. My white pup can’t tolerate sun
    Turning rudy red from nose to bum
    Stuck inside every Summer’s day
    She’d love some new toys to play!

  19. Karen Seidel says:

    My Pug Nim is the Tug-Owar dog of the world. She has a very loved collection and this would make a great addition.

  20. Bella and Bindi would love this toy. They play tug-of-war and Red Rudy would be perfect. I haven’t bought their presents yet.

  21. kerry ford says:

    Red ruby & reindeer plush better be tough as peanut can dismember toys & squeakers in minutes…….Bring on the challenge ! 🙂

  22. Kathy Mason says:

    My Xena would just love to play with this toy, she just loves Christmas.

  23. rosewendy says:

    Jasper loves to play tug of war and this bright ropy reindeer will keep him entertained for hours.

  24. ACasa says:

    Our Bongo goes BONKERS for red toys (he must be part Bull). A Jack Russell / Staffy, he is close to the ground, for stalking toys!

  25. jbouya13 says:

    Fluffy would love a festive friend. He gets into the spirit of Christmas and would love a Dog Gone Gorgeous toy!

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  26. Kim says:

    Zippy my dacs x cavvy is in need of a new toy and he would love to find this under the tree.

  27. My little girl Tammy would love this toy, finally a toy that won’t fall apart after five minutes!

  28. Sue Renshaw says:

    My little Jack Russel “Kobe” would love a Christmas Present for under our tree, he would just love a Tug Rope toy to play with.

  29. angels22 says:

    Gypsy will love to terrorize this toy pack with hours and hours of fun.

  30. Lizzy Bee says:

    My old boy (Mastiff x Ridgeback) is always being harassed by our Husky. With two toys, they can have one each!

  31. LovedDogs says:

    My puppy is very smart and extremely active and this great gift would help tire her out and give her days of enjoyment

  32. slam says:

    What a great christmas present – its got ropes and squeaks in the right places. My Molly would love it.

  33. jgbarrett says:

    My boy Jack loves soft squeaky toys and this would be a perfect Christmas present.

  34. kellie farley says:

    My 3 year old Pug FUDGE would love this toy. He has an abundance of energy so something new for him to play with would be fantastic!

  35. My dog is 10 Years old and going blind,so this toy would cheer her up and make her happy.

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  36. Astro's Mum says:

    Astro’s and my 12th Christmas together and his love of toys has never waned. Red Reindeer for Red Cattle Dog sounds like a perfect match!

  37. KenzieHamish says:

    Kenzie and Hamish would love to win this prize, they love playing tug together and this looks like a great toy for them to be able to enjoy with each other!

  38. Abby Lee says:

    My dog would love this as he really enjoys opening presents with the kids!

  39. angels22 says:

    Little Gypsy loves to play and is very excited Christmas is coming, she loves to play with any new toy she can get her teeth around especially reindeer’s.

  40. It would be the perfect ‘santa’ gift to my pups!

  41. Nathan1723 says:

    My Toby would love this!! He loves to play with things but he always breaks them.This looks durable and he loves his presents.

  42. My dog Cosmo and i would love to win this!
    Cosmo absolutely loves his toys and would be overjoyed to get one from santa paws for Christmas 🙂

  43. Coral Lea says:

    What a great Christmas gift for my 4 legged family member…she is sure to have a great time retrieving this little reindeer!

    Your address and postcode in Contact info for Competition Section are needed for posting products to the winners

  44. lauraemily says:

    My little maltese loves chewing toys! This would be perfect for when I’m out and can’t stop her for being cheeky around the house!

  45. Julia says:

    Ally loves Christmas time and loves to play with her Christmas turkey but unfortunately it’s head came off. So Ally needs a new Christmas toy please

  46. Mandy Graham says:

    My dog Holly just lost her best friend so a fun toy would help her allot.

  47. JWar1 says:

    Im sure he’s happy with my shoes, but I’m sick of replacing my thongs. Santa could bring him this instead.

  48. indy12 says:

    My 12 year old golden retriever Indy would love this toy. And it doesn’t look like it would be too easy to destroy!

  49. one over active kelpie who has destroyed all other toys, id love to give this a try and see if he cant destroy it

  50. Zoe Davey says:

    Max our 14 month old pup could do with these toys so he stops pinching our new son’s teething rings!

  51. Monid says:

    My little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Harrison just lost his big brother Chico 3 moonths ago. This beautiful gift will make this Christmas special for him.

  52. Our little Cujo just loves his toys. I’m sure he’ll just love this little reindeer to pieces.

  53. Jack always makes me smile playing with his toys and this one would be a great Xmas present

  54. Marybell says:

    When holly my Labrador granddaughter visits us on the farm she would love to chase a colorful reindeer from santa than boring old dirty sticks !!!

  55. Kylie Baker says:

    Oreo my new little mini foxie puppy would love to chew on this reindeer instead of trying to pull my socks off my feet.

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  56. Bella my shih tzu is thrilled to bits when she has a new toy and it deters destructive habits.

  57. I have just adopted Harry, he is very energetic, Playful, and Loving, he particularly loves new toys. What an awesome Christmas Present this would be for him. Thanks for the Chance.:)

  58. Yogi loves his toys and really needs a new one in his play box.

    Your address and postcode in Contact info for Competition Section are needed for posting products to the winners

  59. my new little puppy Dora would have so much fun dragging this all over the house

  60. Emily Rose says:

    Christmas is a family affair and my pets are the top dogs in our family! They deserve some super cute Christmas presents.

  61. Oscar my 10 year old Cavoodle is the best dog ever … He’d love a reindeer

  62. I love to spoil my dog Holly at Christmas.

  63. My little cavoodle Lulu would absolutely love this. Especially for Christmas!

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