Beautiful Old Dogs

April 23rd, 2014
Beautiful Old Dogs


Featuring beautiful imagery from the late Garry Gross, Beautiful Old Dogs is a tribute to the older, greyer pooches of the world. In a society that tends to favour puppies over seniors, this book makes you look past the greying hair and discover the wisdom that each and every old dog shares after just a short time on Earth.

Dogs Life has two copies of Beautiful Old Dogs to give away.

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39 Responses to Beautiful Old Dogs

  1. sayanything says:

    In our house we seriously love seniors!!!!! It’s hard to believe after adopting two rescue dogs when we lost our beloved senior girl that they are now approaching old age themselves… This will remind me why this is a good thing! <3

  2. Treen Booker says:

    What a lovely way to reminisce and celebrate our beautiful best friends.

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  3. Abby Lee says:

    I would love this book to help explain to our kids why our dog is slowing down

  4. my kids would enjoy reading through the book with me. We miss our dog Honi we had for 16 years and she was a great family pet

  5. Faye says:

    Our Sadie was a rescue dog. She was so sad when she came to stay. Now Sadie has a family how adore her. She is sssssssssssoooo happy. We could read this book together. She’s clever, she can read! Really, she can!!!!

    1. Faye says:

      “who” not “how”…lol

  6. Bec D'owney says:

    My dog loves watching other dogs on TV and in books. And I love older dogs, all the ones I’ve had experience of are so wise. Let’s hope the one I have makes it to senior-dom.

  7. breachingzeeba says:

    Iā€™m a century tenth young,
    but act rookie
    to get that dog cookie
    I want to learn graceful ageing
    And still have fun!

  8. Sharon Gock says:

    My dog Rhett is a senior, but doesn’t look or act like one. We’d love to discover the wisdom that these dogs have.

  9. Judith says:

    Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog. I know because I am that person Thankyou Jake

  10. “Muffy the Wonderdog” is no longer with me, but she gave me unconditional love when I was at my most unlovable. She was my world.

  11. Kylie T says:

    I am wiping a tear from my eye as this masterpiece truly touches our hearts; a lifetime reminder of inspirational love, companionship and beauty, wondrous!.

  12. Beau Eddy says:

    I lost my beautiful Beau almost 12 months ago, and I miss him everyday, he was a wonderful loyal friend and companion, even though he was almost 13 to me everytime I looked in those big brown eyes I saw my little puppy.. that is why I would love this book.

  13. Well my Sooty is getting on in years, I am sure this book would ease him into it and make him feel a lot more comfortable with the ageing process.

  14. Lucy says she needs some comforting from a great read

  15. My Jack Russell ‘Blitz’ recently passed away at the age of 17. I’d love to read this book to celebrate his life, then adopt another dog when the time is right.

  16. People know I love dogs. I get puppy calendars every Christmas. My 16 year old Akita and I would love to break the demographic!

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  17. Having lost 2 very old beloved dogs over the last couple of years, I know I will be reduced to tears. Special book!

  18. Tilly and I would love a book we can refer to in a couple more years!

  19. mina1234 says:

    Ella is a special part of my life, she is my everything and this book perfectly explains to love and respect I have for her

  20. My Pedro’s only 1, so this book will help us prepare for what lies ahead! (y)

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  21. Me and my 8 year old doggy would love to win this book because we share such a special bond and it’s only going to get stronger as she ages more šŸ™‚

  22. Me and snow would love to read this book as we are both senior girls šŸ™‚ who love dogs

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  23. Sue Pfeiffer says:

    Our dog is 17 she still chases the sheep out in the morning & back at night & loves it still young at heart.

  24. My pooch Romulus and I would love to red this heartwarming book

  25. Purple.Kat says:

    Senior dogs are very special, and this amazing book shows just that. We all really love them, I’d love to win this, it’s just wonderful!

  26. kellie farley says:

    I have a 13 year old pug. We would love to read Beautiful Old Dogs together!

  27. I’d love to read it with my dog!

  28. I have met lots of beautiful, older dogs. They have so much love to give and look at you with those soft soulful eyes.

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  29. Carol Daniel says:

    My old boy just passed away in his sleep, yes I didn’t have to make that horrible decision, but I miss him so much & I would dedicate the book to him and the 7 Border Collies that I’ve had who have gone to Rainbow Bridge – RIP my fur kids and all fur kids until we meet again

  30. My gorgeous dog is an old soul. Every moment we have with her is precious. A beautiful book to reflect on.

  31. this book would go well in my colletion with my working dogs imagery book.

  32. We hae a beautiful senior dog, Mack in our lives. We could share this together snuggled on the couch keeping our old bones warm.

  33. This would be an amazing book to have a look at

  34. Angelina says:

    Sandy and I would love to win this book as she is ageing herself (12yrs) and my love for her never fades!!

  35. Our old dog recently passed away and I think this is a fitting tribute to her and any dog of senior age. They are beautiful!

  36. indy12 says:

    I love old dogs, I have a 12 yr old golden retriever who is just beautiful. I would love to win this beautiful book of old dogs.

  37. lauraemily says:

    My dog and I would love this book as my other dog recently died from old age and we are both missing him lots!

  38. Laura Tickle says:

    I would love to win this book for the staff room at the vets I work at, reminding us why we love our elderly patients.

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