Weatherbeeta Parka and Fleece Dog Coat

May 3rd, 2017
WeatherBeeta Parka

Keep your four-legged friends warm, dry and cosy this winter with the range from WeatherBeeta. The WeatherBeeta Parka 1200 Denier coat features a waterproof and breathable super-strong triple-weave outer with durable nylon lining and a warm 220g of polyfill. It also includes easy-to-use touch-tape closures at the chest and belly to ensure a secure fit.
Meanwhile, the super-comfy WeatherBeeta Fleece dog coat is incredibly warm and breathable. It features anti-pill fleece and easy-to-use touch-tape closures at the chest and belly. Both dog coats are available in a range of colours and sizes. For more information, visit


DogsLife has one WeatherBeeta Parka and one Fleece dog coat to give away.

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17 Responses to Weatherbeeta Parka and Fleece Dog Coat

  1. Judi Damon says:

    My 14-year-old dog, Pepper, would love this.

  2. angels22 says:

    Once Gypsy gets to training on an early cold morning its fine but like us its freezing to get up early in the morning and get ready for a hard days work.

  3. Swotton says:

    These WeatherBeeta coats look so warm and snuggly perfect for keeping my dog cosy on our winter walks!

  4. Amanda63 says:

    Lucy wont go out in the cold Weatherbeeta can help get her moving

  5. Amanda63 says:

    Lucy wont go out in the cold Weatherbeeta can help get he moving

  6. sbarker says:

    Mr B would love this :-) he feels the cold :-(

  7. mirandae says:

    My AmStaff Abby would love a winter coat for those cold nights out walking

  8. clicky says:

    My beautiful cav would greatly benefit from a new coat this Winter + they are great for containing all the excess hair as my daughter is allergic.

  9. Keiarna says:

    My darling staffy loves swimming in dams, jumping in puddles, and doesn’t whinge too much in the bath BUT rain, even the lightest sprinkle is NO GO! She won’t leave the house or if caught in rain will hide under any shelter she can find. Weatherbeeta may be a real weather beeta, for her.

  10. Trish says:

    My beautiful little Chihuahua Beau would love one of these Weatherbeeta Parka, he gets so cold on his walks but loves to be out in front setting the pace for everyone:-)

  11. coastalkaryn says:

    Gracie’s walks on the beach happen regardless of weather – a waterproof coat that beats the weather would be a blessing on blustery, wet days!

  12. LizzieS says:

    I know a someone that’d appreciate a WeatherBeeta! Doesn’t like the cold or the rain but loves a good walk.

  13. Lucy would look a,axing and warm in one of these

  14. Monty says:

    Monty would love one of these fantastic coats. They look so warm and durable. We do a lot of walks and we don’t stop just because of the cold weather, but I think he would appreciate some extra warmth. He’s a little King Charles cavvie.

  15. mustangsachy says:

    Our fluffalina would really appreciate this this year. He’s getting older now and really feels the cold.

  16. Alysha says:

    This would be perfect for my boy this winter!