Top tips for adopting a pet these holidays

December 6th, 2013

Charity organisation Animal Welfare League has some top tips if you are looking to adopt a pet these holidays:

  • Never buy a pet as a surprise gift or on impulse – ensure all members of the household are involved.
  • Remember, puppies and kittens don’t stay small for long – make sure you’re ready for the full growth potential of your adopted pet, and their personality and physical traits suit your lifestyle.
  • Be prepared for a life-long commitment – cats and dogs can live up to 20 years, and along with bringing joy and love into your life, they also bring vet bills, food costs and need your attention.
  • Christmas Eve is not the best time – the noise and bustle of Christmas Day can stress your new pet. Best to adopt now to get them settled in prior to Christmas, or wait until Boxing Day.
  • To make it fun for the kids – why not wrap up pet toys, bowls and bedding for the kids to unwrap on Christmas Day, and then visit a Shelter after Christmas to bring your new family member home.
  • Avoid buying a pet online – as this is a key distribution source for puppy farms. Best to adopt from a shelter.
  • Adopting from a shelter like Animal Welfare League is the ideal solution – you’ll be saving a life, plus all pets are desexed, vaccinated, health checked, and temperament tested.
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