SASH vets need your help!

February 13th, 2015

The SASH Vets Canine Blood Bank needs your dog’s help to save other doggy lives.  Many of their pet patients require life-saving blood transfusions for various conditions that cause acute bleeding or anaemia.

To help, your dog can become a blood donor. Canine blood donation is a relatively simple procedure with minimal risk in a young healthy dog.

The following check-list is required for your dog to become a donor:

– Healthy

– Between two and eight years old

– Weighs at least 25 kg and is not overweight (smaller amounts may be collected from smaller dogs)

– Will be able to lie still for five to 10 minutes

Prior to being accepted as a donor, your dog will undergo a full physical exam and screening blood tests. The collection itself takes about five to 10 minutes and your dog will be given a high energy meal and lots of praise afterwards! Your dog will also be given a bag of super premium dog food to take home as a thank you for being a blood donation hero.

For more information or to register your dog as a blood donor, call SASH on 02 9889 0289 or email

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