Celebs get fit with their furry friends

February 25th, 2015

Aussie celebrities took to the park for a gruelling, boot-camp-style fitness challenge, all the name of canine health and wellbeing.

Held on Tuesday 24th February at Centennial Park, the Hill’s Perfect Weight Boot Camp saw dog trainer Farmer Dave put dogs and owners through a routine of push-ups, lunges, sit ups and squats in an attempt to fight the canine (and human!) bulge.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition 10 Week Challenge

The boot camp was also the formal launch of the Hill’s Pet Nutrition ’10 Week Challenge’, which gives Aussie pet owners the opportunity to get their pooches back in shape. By getting involved, owners will receive 10 weeks of Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight free, as well as feeding instructions and activity ideas to help their pet shed weight.

For more information on Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight or the 10 week challenge, visit hillspet.com.au

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