Foster Boxer: a poem by Jeanie Axton

October 9th, 2017

Foster Boxer
Eight cute little piglets
Grunting and Squealing today
Because a Boxer named Treasure
Came bounding their way

A stray herself
Treasure played her part
Taking the eight little piglets
Straight into her heart

She rounded them up
With cuddles and licking
Her milk came in
With the suckling and kicking

On a farm with eight kids
And eight piglets in tow
Treasure the Boxer
Put on a great show

She now has a family
Treasure loves them to bits
A boxer and eight piglets
The perfect farm fit

Jeanie Axton lives with her husband Nick, two dogs, two cats and three chickens in the beautiful South East of South Australian Mt Gambier, famously known for its Blue Lake. A secondary teacher at a local Lutheran College, Jeanie has been dabbling in the area of children nonsense poems for many years. She expresses the comedy in animal antics and in her poetry.

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