Subservient Wonder: A poem by Dr Virginia Lowe

April 6th, 2020
Dachshund 1519374 1920

Vida, our miniature dachshund was aged
Tessa a boisterous pup
By her docked tail
possibly part Rottweiler
part grown, but solid
a concrete wall

But she knew at once
that her size, weight, strength
were irrelevant
It’s years that count
– knowledge, experience

We laughed at the wonder
of Tess trying desperately
to get her neck head and ears
down lower than Vida’s.

I bow to you!
You’re the boss
Look! Look! I am subservient!

Virginia Lowe © 2020
29 March 2020

About Dr Virginia Lowe

Dr. Virginia Lowe has been a Judge for the Children’s Book Council’s Book of the Year Award and Convenor for the CBCA Crichton Award for new illustrators. She has taught children’s literature, English and creative writing at university. She is a published poet, and has also written extensively on children and books. She reviews regularly in Reading Time and appears occasionally in Viewpoint Australian Book Review. Read more at

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