Mr Opportunist: a poem by Jeanie Axton

March 4th, 2019
Mr Opportunist Poem Jeanie Axton

Mr Opportunist
His eyes sharp and steady
Doesn’t miss a single beat
Always on the ready

Laying on the front lawn
Pretending he’s asleep
But ones eyes slightly open
He has a little peep

A garage door left open
A cat will lose her food
Up the street she chases him
Hey Mr “Your very rude”

Lambs wool on the recliner
When Grandma goes to bed
He makes himself comfy
A place to to lay his head

Woolies truck rolls up the road
To deliver the weekly meals
He watches every tiny move
To see what he can steal

Mr Opportunist
Clever, crafty and cunning
A sniff of a possibility
And he will come a running

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