The Sweetest Thing: a dog poem by Toni Newell

March 10th, 2020
The Sweetest Thing: a dog poem by Toni Newell

The sweetest thing,
I’ve ever known,
Is not wrapped in paper,
But chews a bone.
It doesn’t rot teeth,
But loves to lick,
Loves to play,
With balls or stick.
Not brightly coloured,
Nor sticky or gooey,
It’s soft and cuddly,
Not hard or chewy.
It gives us pleasure,
Over time,
Not just a mouthful,
A moment sublime.
It is a friend,
In many ways,
Not just a binge,
On upset days.
The sweetest thing,
Isn’t a chocolate log,
But I think we all know,
It is the humble dog.

Toni Newell 13th February, 2020

Toni lives in Melbourne Victoria. After spending many years in the shipping industry she now leads an active retirement life which includes writing children’s poetry for the Australian Children’s Poetry Website

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