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August 24th, 2018
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Here are some of our favourite products to help keep your pet clean DIY-style.

Dyson groom tool

Keep your dog looking sharp with the Dyson groom tool. Never has grooming been so easy with this product, which removes the loose hair directly from your dog before he or she has had a chance to shake it all over your home. Not only does this tool collect loose hair but also dead skin cells, meaning this is a great house-cleaning option for those who suffer from allergies. Suited for medium- and long-haired coats, the Dyson groom tool is a handy option for those looking to keep their house hair-free.

DGG Natural Therapy Supershine Shampoo

Keep your dog’s coat looking its absolute best with the Natural Therapy Supershine shampoo, available exclusively at PETstock from Doggone Gorgeous. This cleansing product is bound to give your four-legged friend shiny locks that will have them looking fabulous. Made with natural botanicals, this product is pH-balanced and soap-, SLES- and paraben-free, making it suitable for almost all dogs. And, with a percentage of all DGG sales going to the RSPCA, you know by washing with Doggone Gorgeous, you’re supporting a good cause, too.

FURminator Comfort Pro Grooming Clipper

The DOGSLife team loves getting its hands on the best pet items in the industry and the FURminator Comfort Pro Grooming Clipper is one such item. Designed with the groomer in mind, the FURminator Comfort Pro Grooming Clipper is lightweight with a superior grip, letting you tidy your pet with ease. The superior power glide magnetic motor is powerful, but only emits a low vibration and quiet buzz, helping you to keep your pet calm during the grooming experience. With a three-metre-long power cord, enabling you to groom where you want, and six interchangeable comb attachments, the FURminator Comfort Pro Grooming Clipper is a must-have tool for those whose pets need constant coat attention.

UWDOGS gift box

UWDOGS is all about making pooches and people happy and, with a partnership in place with the talented Underwater Dogs photographer Seth Casteel, we find this mission statement well-suited. This company makes high-quality all-natural shampoos and conditioners suitable for your dog, in a range of divine scents that will have even the fussiest human inhaling with approval. The UWDOGS Gift Box includes the brand’s signature shampoo and conditioners, their No Knots formula (great for detangling longer-haired breeds), and Gloss (perfect for adding a little extra shine to your four-legged friend’s coat). Now that’s something to smile about.

Essential Dog Anti-Itch Spray

Essential Dog products are perfect for those dogs with sensitive skin and this anti-itch spray is no exception. Made from a range of natural ingredients including aloe vera, calendula and vitamin E, this product’s mild mixture is designed to soothe even the itchiest of dog skin without the use of toxic chemicals. Free from soaps, phosphates and parabens, the Essential Dog Anti-Itch Spray truly is an essential product for anyone whose dog has gnawed away at an incessant itch without relief.

KONG ZoomGroom

Keep your dog looking sharp with the ZoomGroom, available now from KONG. This product is perfect for removing loose hair on your four-legged friend, while stimulating capillaries and encouraging natural oil production for a healthy skin and a healthy coat. Not only that, but the ZoomGroom is made from the kind of material you expect from a KONG product — high quality and long-lasting — making it a valuable addition to your grooming tool kit.

Fuzzyard Sensitive Oatmeal and Mandarin shampoo

When it comes to pet products with style, you can’t go past Fuzzyard. Since 2003, this brand has been producing brightly coloured, fashionable pet products that range from leads and bowls to harnesses and collars — and, of course, shampoos and conditioners. We love the Sensitive Shampoo in oatmeal and mandarin. Not only does it smell fresh and delightful, but it contains a whole host of certified organic extracts, vitamin E, and some lovely essential oils that are gentle on your pet’s coat yet leave it looking great and feeling nice and soft.

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