Reverse our World's: a poem by Jeanie Axton

May 3rd, 2018
The Dogs In Charge

Planet of the Dogs

Reverse our worlds

and you will see

That you dear human

can learn from me


A few simple commands

will have it down pat

Human Obedience class

get it right get a pat


Here’s our training

my faithful friend

Planned by me

from start to end


Command 1: Get up

Get up Get up

sleepy head

The sun is up

get out of bed


Command 2: Walk

Walk time next

but no doggy lead

I’m ready now

and will not plead


Command 3: Heel

Heel no way

let me run

Training a human

is lots of fun


Command 4: Stop

Stop right now

yes at that tree

Every day

for my morning pee


Command 5: Talk

Talk to me

say nice things

I’m a good boy

among other things


Command 6: Sit

Sit on down

in front of me

Scratch my belly

if you please


Command 7: Wait

Sit there nicely

wait for a command

I may have a snooze

don’t be alarmed


Command 8: Drop it

Drop the book

you now are reading

Observe my eyes

see them pleading


Command 8: Bark

One bark means bacon

two barks a meat pie

Three barks a lie down

then a contented sigh


Command 9: Couch

Shift over a bit

I need more space

And a lambs wool rug

in my comfy place


Command 10: Bed

No longer I’ll sleep

in a box outdoors

Or in the winter

on the cold laundry floor


Command 11: Move over

Move over move over

on our king size bed

Let me stretch out

and please scratch my head


Command 12: I love you

I love our routine

Commands to impart

Human being playmates

Are really very smart


Jeanie Axton lives with her husband Nick, her dog and cat and three chickens in the beautiful South East of South Australian Mt Gambier, famously known for its Blue Lake. A secondary teacher at a local Lutheran College, Jeanie has been dabbling in the area of children nonsense poems for many years. She expresses the comedy in animal antics and in her poetry

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