When Roma met Daisy: a poem by Jeanie Axton

October 25th, 2018
Roma and Daisy

When Roma Met Daisy


When Roma met Daisy

she spun around with joy

Is this the new puppy

or the latest doggy toy?


When Roma met Daisy

The little black mutt

She licked her face

Then sniffed her butt


When Roma met Daisy

Daisy said ”It’s now all about me”

Right there in the kitchen

She did her first wee


When Roma met Daisy

She whispered in her ear

“I’ll tell you a secret”

“We chase chickens here”


When Roma met Daisy

She got out her old ball

Daisy snatched it swiftly

And ran down the hall


When Roma met Daisy

The pup rolled in poo

Roma yapped in dog talk

“That is not what we do”


With patience and love

Roma guided the pup

Showed her the ropes

and never gave up


Roma had been wanting a pal

It had been a long wait

When Roma met Daisy

She found her soul mate


Jeanie Axton lives with her husband Nick, her dog and cat and three chickens in the beautiful South East of South Australian Mt Gambier, famously known for its Blue Lake. A secondary teacher at a local Lutheran College, Jeanie has been dabbling in the area of children nonsense poems for many years. She expresses the comedy in animal antics and in her poetry

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