Warmer weather brings increase in dog attacks

September 14, 2016 at 6:00 am

As the weather starts to warm up, more dog owners are out and about with their dogs, which is a great thing to see. However, the warmer weather also brings an increase in the number of dog attack incidents reported to Councils around Australia. Councils get calls about dogs wandering, as well as dogs getting exercised off-leash and not kept under control.

A lot of these incidents happen outside the dog’s home. Agriculture Victoria’s Pet Welfare branch report that up to 80 per cent of dog attacks can be avoided, if dogs are kept securely confined to their property.

Any incident where a dog acts aggressive towards a person or animal, can be a very stressful and frightening time. I have investigated a lot of these incidents with my job as an Animal Management Officer. My dogs were also attacked by a wandering and unattended dog one Christmas Eve. Thankfully only one of my dogs received a minor injury. Spending time at an Emergency Vet Clinic on Christmas Eve night – no one should have to do that!


Here are some tips to help your local Council, if you or your dog are a victim of a dog attack:

  • It is important to ensure you and your pet are safe – and checked by a vet/doctor as soon as possible
  • Report the incident to your local Council, as soon as possible
  • Try your best to get an identifying information – such as if the owner calls their dog or their car registration number
  • The council may which to take a written statement from you
  • Try to take a photo of the offending dog, if safe to do so
  • Take note of the other part and their dog
  • Some dog owners may provide their details to you, however unfortunately most will try and leave the area as soon possible.
  • You can always call the Police, if you feel unsafe

If you are a dog parent, always ensure you keep your dog on leash, if it is off your property. If you are taking your dog to an off leash park, always ensure your dog is under effective control. Ensuring your dog can return to you on your command and is put back on lead when required.

It is a great time of the year to spend some quality with our dogs. By following these simple steps, everyone can enjoy time with their dogs safely.

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