Keeping your pets safe during the “silly season”

November 23, 2016 at 6:00 am

As we approach closer to Christmas, it is a good time to consider your pets and how you will keep them stay safe over the silly season. For lots of people, this time of the year can mean endless trips to the shops, not to mention all the Christmas parties, drinks and nibbles!

Of course, it is also great for pets, particularly dogs to have socialisation with guests and party situations, however it also important to consider giving your pet some “time out”.

Christmas party tips:

  • Ensure your guests don’t feed your dog any food they don’t normally have. Lots of dogs will love the chance to get some tasty snacks from guests, but they could end up with an upset stomach or worse
  • Chocolate is very toxic for dogs
  • Consider putting your pets in your laundry or garage, while you are having a gathering. This way they can be safe in a quiet part of the house. It also reduces the risk of a guest “accidently” leaving the front door or gate open in all the Christmas party fun!

New Year’s Eve can bring some pet parents a lot of stress. Particularly if their pets aren’t a fan of loud noises, such as fireworks. Or even worse illegal backyard fireworks. Because of this, lots of dogs escape on days like New Year’s Eve, due to the terror the fireworks bring for them. During my career working as a Council Animal Management Officer (or Ranger) I have seen lots and lots of dogs who have dug out of their backyard because they were terrified of fireworks, even though their owners were in fact home at the time.

New Years/Firework tips:

  • Consider keeping your pets in the house, with a television or radio on. This will mask some of the loud noises outside.
  • Relax yourself. Dogs can pick up on your body language and cues.
  • If your pets have a severe reaction to loud noises, consider speaking to your vet and/or an experienced, qualified Dog Behaviourist.
  • Ensure your contact details are up to date with your pet’s microchip registry.
  • Ensure your pets are registered with your local council.
  • Consider putting an ID tag on their collar, with your pet’s name and your contact numbers.


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