Keep your dog safe this holiday season

December 21, 2016 at 6:00 am

With the Christmas and New Year period just around the corner, it is important to ensure you have appropriate plans, in place to have your pets cared for, if you are going on holiday.

I recently conducted an online survey on the “more than a dog catcher” social media pages, to get an insight into dog holiday care habits. The most positive result from the survey, was that 90% of respondents said that had taken their pets on holiday with them.

“They love it and we love having them with us as they are a big part of our family”

“I generally arrange for my vacations to be pet friendly and take them with me”

Question: When going on holiday, how do you insure your dogs are cared for?

  1. Dogs come on holiday with us – 38%
  2. House sitter – 20%
  3. Boarding Kennel – 18%
  4. Other – 24%

“We use a boarding kennel if we are unable to take the dogs”

“We camp often so our dog always comes!”

“Our dog is part of our family, if he doesn’t come with us, I would worry about him way too much. If he can’t come, he goes and stays with my mum”

Question: The top reasons for using these options are:

  1. Experience and knowledge of the pet carer – 63%
  2. Convenience – 45%
  3. Price – 11%

“We know our dog will be comfortable and happy living with people they know”

“My dog doesn’t do well in a kennel environment”

Points to think about if you are considering using a Pet Sitter:

  • Is your Pet Sitter insured?
  • Do they have experience caring for pets?
  • What measures have they got in place, if there is an emergency? Such as your dog is sick or injured?
  • Will they walk your dogs too? Off leash?
  • Do they mind dogs in their own home? Or just provide a visiting service?

Points to consider when using a Boarding Kennel:

  • Are the staff experienced in animal care, including identifying health issues?
  • How long are dogs exercised away from their runs?
  • Are dogs paired up in runs with dogs from other families?
  • What type of food will dogs be fed? Or do you need to provide your own?

Tips if using family or friends to look after your pets:

  • Will your family or friends visit your dog? Or have them at their place?
  • Do they have their own pets? Do your dogs get along well with their pets?
  • Will you pet have it’s own personal space away from other pets at times?


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