If your dog goes missing – you need to hit the streets

August 17, 2016 at 6:00 am
shihtzu on grass

When a pet dog goes missing, it can be a very distressing time for the whole family. Has my dog been injured? Are they hungry or thirsty?

With the increased use of social media, lost and found pets are regularly posted, usually hourly on a range of different Facebook groups. However, despite the popularity of social media, believe it or not, some people aren’t on Facebook!

Many dog owners that lose their pets are more often than not, relying on social media to get their pets back to them. And yes, sometimes this can happen and happen quickly. It is for this reason, that if your pet does go missing, you think of all those “old school” methods.

Here’s some tips if you have lost your best friend:

  • Call your local Council to report your dog missing
  • Visit your local Council pound, every day
  • Visit neighbouring Council pounds and shelters, every day
  • Using a current, clear, colour photo of your dog, make a poster that you can letterbox drop to neighbours, vet clinics, service stations and other local shops
  • Post a current photo of your dog onto Facebook/social media to share with your friends and local groups
  • Ensure you contact your pet’s microchip registry, to ensure that they list your pet as missing. Also check that your contact details are all up to date.

It is so vital to visit pounds and shelters, as opposed to just calling. Your pet could have been admitted and recorded as another breed perhaps. It is also important to not waste any time, as most states of Australia have specific holding periods for lost pets in shelters.

Likewise if you find a lost dog, you should call your local Council as soon as possible, to make arrangements for it to be collected. I have seen lots of examples of people “holding on” to lost dogs, because the person who found it, didn’t want the owner to get a fine or didn’t want the dog to go to the pound. To give lost dogs the best chance to be quickly reunited with their owners, is to have them scanned for a microchip.

If you are in Victoria, I will be speaking about animal laws at the upcoming Geelong Pet Expo on Sunday August 28 at the Geelong Showgrounds. Come down and say hi!

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