The Real Bully Breed

November 19, 2015 at 11:33 am

Have you been Bullied? Trolled? Or received negativity on social media? Think of bullies like this…

Social Media is a form of communication that gives us access to each other in a way that is often impersonal. Because of this, sometimes people find it easier to express their emotions because they are able to hide behind their phone or computer. If anyone feels it appropriate to post unkind, trolling, hate (what ever you want to call it) messages to you, think of them like this:

A dog who barks at you from behind the fence is nondiscriminatory. They will bark at many who walk past no matter who they are, because the dog may be bored, frustrated, territorial, trained to do so, or anxious. We don’t ever tend to take their barking personally, because we know that it is a reflection of their emotional state. The dog is telling us how they feel deep down and redirecting their emotions on to you. We recognise this, and in my profession we deal with their anxieties.
When someone ‘barks’ at you from behind their ‘fence’, they are feeling the same as that dog. They are unhappy at that moment, often desperately insecure and perhaps learned that every time they bark, it makes them feel better about themselves.

The main difference between the barking dog and the media troll is that the dog has an owner, who is responsible for them, their behaviour and their happiness. The Troll however is responsible for themselves, their actions and their own happiness. Trolls, this is an opportunity to look on your side of the fence and find deep down what you are looking for. You will never get what you need by barking at those on the other side. Laura V xx

PS my book’s out today smile emoticon