Dog Tails – Jax

March 31, 2016 at 1:11 pm

Welcome to the next instalment of Dog Tails. When clients visit us for studio pet portraits, they often recount the stories of their dogs lives. With each dog being different, so is each story. Some are happy tales, some inspiring, some sad, but each one ends with love as their dog subjects find a place and person to call their own.

On 20th March, 2016 we had a visit from Emma and Nick and their 1½ year old chocolate labrador, Jax.  Emma says we went to visit the puppies, all seven of them and Nick was unsure which we would take.  I said we would know straight away.  When we got there, they all tried getting out to see us and Jax just sat back, looking at us both side to side and we knew he was our baby!

I don’t like crickets and one day there was one in the house.  Jax chased it and ate it (so I thought).  Five minutes later, Jax jumps on my lap, opens his mouth and yawns and a cricket jumps out!