Dog Tails – Fraser

April 11, 2017 at 1:24 pm

Welcome to the next instalment of Dog Tails. When clients visit us for studio pet portraits, they often recount the stories of their dogs lives. With each dog being different, so is each story. Some are happy tales, some inspiring, some sad, but each one ends with love as their dog subjects find a place and person to call their own.

In March 2017 we had a visit from Lara and Lucas with 20 week old Airedale puppy, Fraser.

Lara shares their story with us.  ”My husband Lucas, flew to Victoria to select Fraser from his litter. When he arrived, all of the pups were drinking. On noticing Lucas, this one little puppy stopped drinking and came over and sat between his legs. And so it was that Fraser decided to come home to us. He flew over to WA when he was 8 weeks old and arrived just in time to for Christmas, delighting our son Sebastian.

Unfortunately 24 hours after arriving, Fraser fell off our verandah and broke his leg. He was crated for the next four weeks while his leg healed. Lucas and Sebastian slept on the floor next to the cage for the whole four week period. Consequently Fraser is very loyal to them both.”