Dog Tails – Dotty

October 14, 2016 at 11:59 am

Welcome to the next instalment of Dog Tails. When clients visit us for studio pet portraits, they often recount the stories of their dogs lives. With each dog being different, so is each story. Some are happy tales, some inspiring, some sad, but each one ends with love as their dog subjects find a place and person to call their own.

This week Bernadette came to visit us with 11 year old Jack Russell, Dott. Bernadette says “We inherited Dott from my parents. They had two Jack Russell’s and one passed away from old age. We were looking to get a dog, so we were offered to take Dotty. This was about 5 years ago and she has lived with us ever since.

In February 2016 it was discovered that Dotty had a melanoma in her left eye. She went into surgery immediately and had her eye removed. I picked her up the afternoon of the surgery and she was looking very swollen, wobbly and sore.   Back at home that day, I was in the garden moving some things around and I came across Dotty, who rather than being in her bed inside recovering from her major surgery, she was outside ‘hunting’ for rats. This is when I knew she would be totally fine.

At the ripe old age off 11 and missing an eye, Dotty has not given up her favourite pastime of hunting for rats (or chasing anything that moves), running long distances, eating bacon and going for weekend adventures.”