Dog Tails – Charlie Brown

December 2, 2016 at 11:40 am

Welcome to the next instalment of Dog Tails. When clients visit us for studio pet portraits, they often recount the stories of their dogs lives. With each dog being different, so is each story. Some are happy tales, some inspiring, some sad, but each one ends with love as their dog subjects find a place and person to call their own.

In November 2016 we had a visit from Fiona, The Doggy Lady with 8 year old Labrador Charlie Brown.

Fiona says ”Charlie Brown was my quarantine detector dog for about 4 years. He came to the work via a rescue organisation in NSW. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with a spinal issue so had to be retired in August at the age of “almost 8″ on medical grounds. He has since adjusted quite well to leisure and luxury and has a very comfortable life in my home.

Charlie Brown sees his new job as “cat liaison officer” – unfortunately the neighbourhood cats don’t feel quite the same way. He is forever playing the clown and making people smile. If you are a bit late with his walk he will helpfully bring you his lead and harness. Didn’t get the hint? He will bring you your shoes, followed by your socks (yes, from the sock drawer). The one thing that seems to confuse him about home life is people gardening – he observes them with a quizzical look – like humans aren’t meant to be digging holes.”