Dog Tails – Angus, Meg and Billy

July 29, 2014 at 12:08 am
Angus, Meg and Billy by Houndstooth Studio

Welcome to Dog Tails. When clients visit us for studio pet portraits, they often recount the stories of their dogs lives. With each dog being different, so is each story. Some are happy tales, some inspiring, some sad, but each one ends with love as their dog subjects find a place and person to call their own.

In early July 2014 we had a visit from Gillian and her three pooches Angus (15 year old Kelpie X), Meg (12 year old Border Collie) and Billy (6 year old Border Collie.)

Gillian shared with us the tales and adventures of her beloved furry friends.

“Angus came to me at nine months old from the Dogs’ Refuge Home, in Shenton Park, Western Australia. I already had a Weimaraner and had gone to visit the Dogs’ Home with a friend who was looking for a dog. I liked a small puppy, but when I went back a week later that pup had gone. It turned out Angus was one of his litter mates, and as soon as I noticed him I knew he was the one. He came home with me that very day.  He’s been the best dog and is always so friendly with everyone and is constantly happy. Though he has an insatiable need to eat anything he can put in his mouth. He was my first dog to do agility and travelled to live with me in the United States.


I met Meg when I was living in the United States so she is an international traveller as well. She came to me at two years of age from a Border Collie rescue centre in Georgia. She can be shy in new places with new people and has a few behavioural issues due to lack of training and socialisation as a puppy, but she has mellowed a lot in her older age. When she gets to know someone and they have her trust, she is very demanding for pats.

Billy is the baby of the family, and even at six years old he is still like a youngster. He was the first dog I raised from a puppy and he came from a farm in Kojonup, Western Australia. He’s had training in herding and is my current agility dog. He loves his pats and competes with Meg for attention. Billy is a delightful dog to be around but it takes him time to warm to some people. He hates to be left behind when doing activities and will let me know this very loudly. He definitely knows that Meg rules the roost at home and won’t sit comfortably next to her. Billy likes to talk a lot and let everyone know of his presence.


Angus has been my little rock and has endured many things in his 15 years and survived. He eats anything first and spits out later, and as a result he had a bad experience with some snail pellets at a friend’s place. Two weeks later he tried out Ratsak too. The good news is he made it through both poisonings. His eating habit served him well at a dogs’ day out in the US. There was a competition to see which dogs would eat a plate of various foods – normal stuff but also lettuce and other veggies – and Angus ate so fast he won and then ate someone else’s and came third too.

Meg has her little issues due to her background and has a lot of self rewarding behaviours such as fence running and chasing shadows. I found out about the shadows early on when I walked in the bush and let her off. She would see her own shadow and chase it and of course it went faster and faster as she ran. On a few occasions I spent a long time finding her in the bush – I could hear her barking but that obviously stopped her ears working. When I got to where she was she would look at me and trot over as if to say “About time!”

Billy loves the water. He has a paddling pool at home to splash in and I can never use the hose without him running in to bite at the water. We can even be walking in the rain and he will still deliberately splash through puddles. One day, unknown to me, Billy even jumped the front fence to go to a neighbour’s verge where they were washing their car with a hose.”

Best friends