Dog Tails – Lola & Judge

August 19, 2016 at 1:22 pm

Welcome to the next instalment of Dog Tails. When clients visit us for studio pet portraits, they often recount the stories of their dogs lives. With each dog being different, so is each story. Some are happy tales, some inspiring, some sad, but each one ends with love as their dog subjects find a place and person to call their own.

Last week we had a visit from Jenny and her Bull Terriers Lola (5 years) and Judge (10 months).  Lola and Judge were the first prize winners in our 7th birthday giveaway and drove all the way up from Kendenup for their photos. When you read Jenny’s words below, I think you will agree they were a most deserving choice.

Jenny says “Lola is our first pure bred Bull Terrier. I had always wanted one of my own as I have loved the breed my whole life. She came to us by plane from NSW at 9 weeks old and I can still clearly remember the first time I saw her … I cried I was so happy.    Lola greeted me with a a waggy tail and some very sharp teeth. We have been very spoilt to have her in our lives. She has always been a quiet girl (though she does have her mad moments) and she loves to go out and about meeting people and dogs. Camping is also one of her favourite things.  Lola loves her soft toys and would happily carry them around (that is until Judge came on the scene) and try to talk to you with her mouth full. Chasing the ball is her favourite pastime, though her arthritis means she can’t do this like she used to, and given half the chance she would chase it all day.   Lola absolutely hates water which makes it interesting as I’m the local dog wash lady. Its funny that my own dog dislikes her bath more than any of the others. Dog and animal shows on TV always get her attention and she loves to talk to them when they appear on screen.

Lola’s life has been plagued with health problems from a very early age, though she has always just rolled with what life threw at her. Her diagnosis of severe degenerative osteo arthritis about 18 months ago meant ongoing treatments were now the norm for her. We were given some devastating news earlier this year that our time with Lola was limited as her back legs had deteriorated so much that all we can do is make her comfortable with pain relief.   Unfortunately we can now see her pain is severe and we will have to make the heartbreaking decision very soon to give her her wings and let her fly. Though 5 years is in no way long enough and her journey with us is nearly over, we are so grateful to have had this wonderful, precious, loving girl in our lives. She has brought so much joy, fun, laughter and tears. Lola will be loved forever for being the beautiful girl she is.

I picked Judge out of the litter when he was a couple of hours old. I was in love the moment I saw his picture and have been ever since. I truly believe he was meant for us.  Judge is a typical 10 month old Bull Terrier pup – it’s all about him. He is stubborn and tries to get what he wants constantly. It just means we need to be as stubborn as he is!

Lola didn’t know what hit her when he arrived home. Judge is an annoying little brother and he doesn’t understand why Lola gets cranky when he wants to play or he steals her toys. He has a big personality and is a very very happy boy and you can’t help but smile or laugh at his antics.

Judge is very well travelled. We head to Perth from Albany on a regular basis for dog shows and bull terrier club events and will even be taking him across the Nullarbor in March to South Australia. Judge is a very loving boy and always up for cuddles.

Bull Terriers quite often get a bad rap and people think they are aggressive, but actually the opposite is true. They are so so loving, happy, funny little beings that never fail to make you laugh.   We had some friends bring their 4 year old boy to stay for the weekend and he was absolutely petrified of dogs. Lola adored him even when he was screaming in fear. She never gave up and followed him everywhere constantly wagging her tail and trying to give him her toys to play with her. Her Bull Terrier tenaciousness won him over in the end and they were then great mates. Lola was in heaven having a little boy to play with. My friend and her family now have 2 dogs.

Judge was on one of his first outings in public at about 4 months of age and we decided to get a coffee. Judge and I sat outside when a young autistic boy came up and starting patting Judge quite roughly. I was wary how he would react and asked the little boy to pat him gently which he did.   The little boy threw his arms around Judge and hugged him tightly and to my surprise and joy Judge sat there so still and didn’t mind at all. He absolutely adores kids and usually gets overexcited around them but with this little boy he was an angel. It’s like he just knew to be extra gentle. I was so proud of my boy!”