What happens when a dog walker’s dog doesn’t walk?

May 1, 2018 at 10:44 am

The reason I state “dog walker’s dog”, is that it is my personal dog. And this is a dog that has had two walks a day for most of its life. And now with an ACL operation and two months recuperation (no walking) it has a LOT of spare time on its hands. And difficulty staying still !

Usually I talk about what happens when a dog begins walking off lead regularly, but the reverse example is equally enlightening.

An off lead social dog is balanced. It meets a new pack in the park, associates, does dog things, explores and comes home for a rest until the next adventure. When deprived of this it:

1 Becomes depressed.
2 Learns obsessive compulsive behaviours like digging or barking or gnawing at itself
3 It gains weight, unless food intake is greatly restricted.
4 Loses health not only from lack of exercise but from a lower metabolism from lack of exercise keeps wasted in its body a lot longer.
5 A dog walker’s dog forced NOT to walk is forced to soil in its own yard. A regularly walked off lead dog often holds its waste until it leaves its territory usually. A dog that is not walked soils in its own yard and knows no better, it is not in touch with its true hunter self. Note not all regularly daily walked dogs avoid soiling in their yards, but many dominant retriever and hunting dogs prefer soiling away from their yard to not give up their location to larger game.

With time you can dull any dogs senses and enjoyment of natural things and life by not walking them off lead, on walking them on lead, or not walking them at all.

The difference of course is that my dog is only restricted by associated freely with his own kind (one of the greatest pack animals on earth) while he is recovering.

Many dogs never get a chance and live a real version of their life every day. This leads to them being unbalanced and often a difficult to live with dog, but if an owner has never walked dogs, they may also know no better.

My dog and I are counting the days until we are both back in the park together.

BIO: Bruce Dwyer is a professional dog walker based in inner west of Melbourne Australia. From an original career in Electronic Engineering and Corporate Marketing he chose to concentrate on the dog service industry. His company ‘Dog Walkers Melbourne’ has been in business since 2010 and is based on providing the best dog walking and pet sitting solutions for people in Melbourne. The only two times that he has been away from his own dog, he has used his own company’s 24 hour pet sitters. His own dog Archie (an 8 year old spoodle), enjoys TWO dog walks per day with many of the images and videos from his daily off lead dog pack walks featured on the following sites:
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