Warmer weather – the chance to walk your dog off lead

November 14, 2016 at 6:00 am

This shouldn’t be the thing you have to leave up to the professionals, but it seems that many people lump walking their dogs into a monthly or yearly chore like cleaning out the gutters.

If you don’t like golf, maybe walking your dog is a great stress relieving excuse to get regularly back in touch with nature.

I have been walking dogs in packs and off-lead in dog parks for a few years now, and the amazing thing for people who don’t visit these hallowed grounds, is that most dogs behave very well. With an increased social media spotlight, people are becoming aware that you can’t get away with negligence anywhere now days.

The biggest risk to society from dogs is not the risk of dog bites, but owners getting complacent and never walking their dogs and making them anti social.

If you are petrified or a very nervous person around a lot of dogs, then maybe an off-lead dog park is not for you. No human is banned from dog parks, but dogs are banned from most parks.

Did you know that if every dog was socialised off lead, learnt to be friendly, had adequate exercise and discipline, there would be NO dog bites and almost no noise complaints?

If dogs are locked up at home all day, without walks and without contact with other dogs, they slowly go crazy. These are the dogs most prone to cause bites through high anxiety and through lack of socialisation.

A dog that is not socialised becomes a ‘lone wolf’. Wolves are pack animals, so a lone wolf is very atypical. A ‘loner dog’ will not understand how to play. A non social dog will most likely resort to a ‘fight or flight’ mode like any animal with fear in its heart. If you have an anxious rescue dog it is sensible to ease them into being social.

The most amazing thing I regular see at our local dog parks in Melbourne is packs of  three to maybe eight dogs running in big loops just gloriously happy at the run and the pack ‘mateship’.  This is the natural balanced state of a social dog.  If one or two dogs get wound up too high with excitement, good owners put them on the bench and lead them up until they are calm again.

Rather than spreading bad messages through the media about how unsafe dog parks can be, it would be most helpful to spread the benefits of dog parks.  It would be extremely handy if councils recruit a few off-lead dog experts to provide positive messages too.

If you don’t have time to walk your dog perhaps you should consider a dog walker.

For me there is nothing more wonderful than seeing so many different breeds and sizes of social dogs mingle and enjoy being a dog, not a possession in someone’s back yard.

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