LITERALLY, How far are you willing to go for your dog, DAILY?

August 1, 2017 at 11:10 am

If it seems like a loaded question, it sure is. Even though I am a Pro Dog walker, I will find that many of my weekend excursions are typically much closer to home. Not sure if that is an age thing, or having a small child to care for, but nowadays I just don’t travel the very long distances I used to in search of the best dog park. We still do two walks per day.

Of course having been in the pro dog walking business for a long time, I have already found most of those secret legal off lead dog walking areas near me, and of course in summer,with snake activity, choices are cut down considerably.

But the question remains, how far do you or your dog loving friends regularly go out of your way to go to the best park for your dog?

‘Best’ is of course subjective, but for me its about a dog park being as natural as possible with as many trees and grass areas as possible, and of course good fences and good social dogs. Probably a lack of joggers and cyclists helps – but that is not anywhere that I know of in Australia and its ridiculous ‘shared resource’ stance, where dogs are bottom of every ladder, even in their very few dog parks. But that’s for another article …

Here is something you might not have considered about what a dog walk really needs to be about for the best outcome for your dog. Once a week, I go a long distance down a highway to pick up some legacy dogs (owner moved to a suburb far away). And I keep that routine up for her dogs, and also as a very exciting one off thing for my dog and the other very lucky dogs on that day of the week. We go to a river/ bay area that has just about everything that a dog could want.

How my dog loves running along the grass, up and down banks, into the water, digging and its an absolute hoot!  But more than that, its something that he only gets one day a week.  People forget that while humans and dogs are creatures of habit (we like routine), routine in dog walking areas often bores the hell out of dogs and humans. If you know everything you are going to encounter, if you have sniffed every tree and bush a million times before, what is the challenge?

Dogs are still as close as , most humans get to big wild animals, and under that domestic exterior and all the rules we have taught them, they really relish encountering new environments.  The only time this doesn’t initially work is if they are in a perpetual state of anxiety from some puppy or dog rescue treatment. But that is the whole point of dog walking, bringing a dog back to balance, and happiness.

So while the local block walk might be terribly convenient for many people, or even if you manage to regularly get to the closest off lead dog park, if you do that every day of your dog’s life, both of you are really missing out on the joy of discovery and a dog making good decisions on its own.  That is how you get a balanced dog. You are making a dog that can handle unexpected situations, have it live its life to the fullest by finding new areas to explore.

BIO:  Bruce Dwyer is a professional dog walker based in inner west of Melbourne Australia. From an original career in Electronic Engineering and Corporate Marketing he chose to concentrate on the dog service industry. His company ‘Dog Walkers Melbourne’ has been in business since 2010 and is based on providing the best dog walking and pet sitting solutions for people in Melbourne. The only two times that he has been away from his own dog, he has used his own company’s 24 hour pet sitters.  His own dog Archie (an 8 year old spoodle), enjoys TWO dog walks per day with many of the images and videos from his daily off lead dog pack walks featured on the following sites:  |  |