How many dogs can a dog park hold?

December 12, 2016 at 6:00 am

If you think dogs are becoming less friendly, you might be right. But you should understand that this is not a major cultural shift in dogs, it’s the lack of off-lead dog walking that has happened since the internet revolution.

Nearly 40% of the population live in a house that has at least one dog. There are around four million dogs in Australia. On a micro scale, my suburb in Melbourne has about 36,000 households and about 21,000 dogs. Because of the relatively low number of off-lead dog parks, you would expect that these parks would be a very crowded place, but the opposite is true.

The largest parks in the inner west would be lucky to have 200 dogs visit per day.  The council statistics suggest that only 50% of dogs are registered, that’s 10,800 out of 21,000.  This gives you an idea of the responsibility and involvement that many people have with their dogs (about zero).

For all of the scare mongering by some councils officers give about dangerous dogs, only 12 dogs out of the 10,000 registered dogs were declared as ‘dangerous dogs’, 16 where ‘restricted dogs’ and seven dogs were ‘menacing’.

Because these specific dogs have been identified and registered, they are much less likely to be an issue, and probably never visit dogs parks. It’s the unregistered dogs that are never socialised that you really need to worry about.

In 2013, 421 dogs were impounded in the inner west region (i.e. probably escaped and were given to the council).  This is a relatively high number compared to the number of dogs we see walked daily in off-lead dog parks.

All these statistics go to show how people have more things to do with their time and money than ‘walk their dog’. And by walk I mean let off-lead at a dog park. The statistics show dog ownership growth in Australia over the last few years, but probably less people are walking their dogs every year because of fear or complacency.

It would be lovely to see a national campaign like the 1970′s ‘life be in it’ to encourage people to bond and walk their dogs off lead daily. It would be nice to see the Government start some kind of Medicare safety net for dog visits to the vet. It would be nice if all dogs were fed a healthy and balanced diet.

These are just some of the idle wishes of a professional dog walker seeing how much we as a society have let man’s best friend down, and continue to do so daily.

A social dog is less bored and is mentally and physically satisfied. And the health value to the human is 100 fold.  If only there were an app for that.

BIO:  Bruce Dwyer researches and sources healthy meat based dog treats in Australia for his own dog and others. From an original career in Electronic engineering his analysis and research skills had him well sort after in Corporate Australia until he chose to concentrate on the dog service industry. His company ‘Healthy Dog Treats’ has been in business since 2011 and was based on finding the best dog food natural supplement nutrition for his own dog (Archie the 8 year old spoodle). Archie not only approves of the selections but is featured on many videos on site trialling these ‘treats’.  Understanding that people also enjoy dog treat news and free dog treat coupons he has a weekly email newsletter that can be subscribed on his site.   Bruce is also a professional dog walker and besides his regular blog on his main website his daily dog walk adventure images and videos and dog treat news can be found on these places:

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