Starting your puppy off on the right paw

January 25, 2017 at 6:00 am

Ensuring your puppy gets the right start in life is so important. Socialisation and basic obedience training at a young age, forms the important foundations for your new puppy.

All experiences at this young age, essentially help shape the dog, your puppy will grow into.

With all this in mind, what type of training is available to help puppy parents? Lots of areas have a variety of different training options. These include:

  • Group classes at vet clinics, pet supply stores, local dog obedience clubs
  • 1 on 1 classes in your home, with a trainer

Location, price, dates and times are all factors to think about when looking for the right training option, that will fit in with you and your family.

Things to consider when choosing a puppy school:

  • What is the training and experience of the class instructor?
  • Do they have a qualification in dog behaviour?
  • Will there be off leash play as part of the classes?
  • Will the classes include getting familiar with different surfaces, noises, experiences etc?
  • Will puppy ages/sizes be matched?
  • Is the whole family encouraged to participate in the classes?
  • Is there a “parent only” information session, prior to classes starting?
  • Are any notes or other information provided?
  • Is phone or email support offered?
  • What is the maximum class size?
  • What level of obedience training is provided?
  • Does the school offer a set number of sessions? Or it is a membership type setup?

It is recommended you do some research prior to signing up to any classes. Speak with your vet and breeder, to see if they have any recommendations. Internet searches of trainers and schools in your area, can also be a benefit. Your local Council may also be able to provide a list of local animal businesses, including dog trainers.

Raising a puppy is a rewarding and fun time. It is also a very important time to ensure your puppy gets the right start.

Steve has completed the National Dog Trainers Federation’s dog training and behaviour course. Steve has also helped lots of pet parents with tackling behaviour issues, through his work as a Council Animal Management Officer (Ranger)