How two dog food companies control the global market and sell you what they want

April 15, 2018 at 10:40 am
How two dog food companies control the global market and sell you what they want

You hear it all the time from people and economists that want true competition, that you can’t have a monopoly in any industry if you want competition. There are many definitions of a monopoly, but in simple terms, its a concentration of power (money, advertising, distribution etc) that makes one company so dominant that they set all trends and usually end up corrupting the market – and the consumer loses out.

That was the whole idea behind privatisation originally. that by taking a publically owned company into private hands you would have more competition and efficiency. But that model broke about twenty years ago. You would find it hard in any country to prove that privatisation has benefited the public as opposed to shareholders.

Monopolies in private company hands are just as bad, and sometimes collusion in duopolies (two company markets) are worse – giving the illusion of competition.

The reason often is that concentrated power means that not only does the lead company set trends, but sadly in the food industry they can set very bad and unhealthy habits. They can push junk food as being more sexy than healthy food, and so entire nations suffer and become fat or malnutrition. And its worse for dogs !

You have seen a graphic on facebook recently that shows how TEN companies tend to control almost all of the food in America (and hence most civilised counties. They name these companies as: PepsiCo, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Associated British Foods, Mondēlez (formerly Kraft Foods), Mars, Danone, Unilever, Coca-Cola, and Nestle.

You might wonder what this has to do with dog food or dog treats, but its because two of the global (USA based) companies that control global food brands and distribution, also account for the TWO TOP dog food/ dog treat companies in the world.
If they say that grain is good for dogs, and you don’t need meat in dog food or dog treats, and they have many dozens of leading brands (that they have acquired and changed to their profit winning formula), well after a while everyone believes them.

We (HDT) still believe that dogs evolved from wolves and mainly need a meat diet – not the 30% meat (of questionable quality) that many dog food brands provide. However mass advertising has been so pervasive for so long, owners forget these fundamentals.

How much concentration of power you might wonder?

Here are the 2016 revenue estimates for the top five global (and US based) dog food/ dog treat brands and their percentage of the top five dog food company total revenue ($35 BILLION USD).

The top five are: Mars Petcare Inc. $17,224,400,000 = 49%), Nestlé Purina PetCare ($12,100,000,000 = 35%), Big Heart Pet Brands ($2,300,000,000 = 7%), Hill’s Pet Nutrition ($2,264,000,000 = 6%), Blue Buffalo ($1,149,778,000 = 3%)
As you can see these major brands, whos’ parents are also major brands, have a massive share of the dog food and dog treat market. Our company mainly sell 100% meat (no preservative) dog treats that provide both nutrition and chewing value. But very few people retain the name of brands that are not constantly thrust in front of them. Most of the large dog treat companies have a very limited range of 100% anything, because meat is expensive (even for them) and would affect their bottom lines too much.

So when people tell you about how important it is to buy from an Australian company, and that competition is important please consider the preceding information. You might also read further than the brands propaganda and research about the value of meat for dogs or how little value mass produced grain based treats provide. Then you will consider where you aussie dollar is actually going and what you are really purchasing.

Just because animated cartoons tell you that a dog treat is ‘great’, doesn’t mean its actually the truth, in any shape or form. Its just the corporation speaking and misdirection.

BIO: Bruce Dwyer researches and sources healthy meat based dog treats in Australia for his own dog Archie and others. His company ‘Healthy Dog Treats’ has been in business since 2011 and was based on finding the best dog food natural supplement nutrition for his own dog (Archie the 9 year old spoodle). Archie not only approves of the selections but is featured on many videos on site trialling these ‘treats’. Understanding that people also enjoy dog treat news and free dog treat coupons he has a weekly email newsletter that can be subscribed on his site. Bruce is also a Professional dog walker and besides his regular blog on his main website his daily dog walk adventure images and videos and dog treat news can be found on these places: | | |