Dog treats: Why bother with meat or different meat than beef or chicken?

May 15, 2018 at 10:56 am
Dog treats: Why bother with meat or different meat than beef or chicken?

If you were a raw feeder you are probably doing it for more than just hoping that preparing dog food at home is a nice thing to do. You would know about natural enzymes and naturally occurring vitamins are more bio-available for dog. You would realise that its like to reduce the occurrences of many diseases in dogs that are mostly carnivore. You may even understand that carbs (grains) are the worst form of energy (sugar) that you can provide to your dog.

Why is there meat in dog food if grains are so good?

Besides being the original most species appropriate food for your carnivore dog, dog food makers require a minimum amount of meat to reach the minimum protein requirement as demanded by aafco rules (that American organisation that sets voluntary standards that the world follows).

Otherwise your dog would be eating 100% grain and be getting sicker by the day. The minimum protein requirement can’t be met by vegetables alone, so some meat (often as low as 20%) has to be added to be allowed to be called commercial “dog food”.

Why use Different meats in your dog’s diet?

While its nice to think that dogs like variety, and yes they do, they have a very refined nose but not so much a strong taste palette. They have no receptor for salt, but one for water. They will usually decide on what to eat based on scent, and taste can be relatively secondary.

the real reason for variety of 100% meats is health. Just like humans are healthy with a variety of natural (low processed) foods, so are dogs. Every animal has a different set of minerals and vitamins in their body and meat, and a different protein profile. This variety that you give to your dog ensures your dog stays interested and gets the value of varied protein intake for maximum health.

Just how different the type and amounts of the ten essential amino acids in those meats are is incredible. We recommend feeding your dog something different than their daily food, which is often beef or chicken.

The more ‘gamey’ like and wild often the better. For instance Kangaroo is often used in vet exclusion diets because it is hypo-allergenic because very few dogs have eaten it to build up an allergy reaction. Likewise enjoying other more exotic Australian meats like Crocodile can add another dimension of variety. Croc is also a hypo-allergic meat and taste sensation when you want to spoil your dog with a really healthy option.

BIO: Bruce Dwyer researches and sources healthy meat based dog treats in Australia for his own dog Archie and others. His company ‘Healthy Dog Treats’ has been in business since 2011 and was based on finding the best dog food natural supplement nutrition for his own dog (Archie the 9 year old spoodle). Archie not only approves of the selections but is featured on many videos on site trialling these ‘treats’. Understanding that people also enjoy dog treat news and free dog treat coupons he has a weekly email newsletter that can be subscribed on his site. Bruce is also a Professional dog walker and besides his regular blog on his main website his daily dog walk adventure images and videos and dog treat news can be found on these places: | | |