Do you know the difference between healthy dog treats, natural dog treats and best dog treats?

August 15, 2017 at 12:00 pm

Don’t worry, chances are that Google doesn’t either.

You see this is one thing that you won’t get from our current search engines, a moral compass or even one that really applies AI to the level most people think that it can or should. Then of course would you freely advertise a competitor (in the organic search results section) who is completely counter to your paying (cost per click) advertisers?  If you do, make sure you throw a lot of grain based biscuit dog treats into the ‘free’ images section too …

I understand how some search engines could get legitimately confused over what constitutes the best dog treat – is it the cheapest, biggest or brightest?  But I am doubting the case for it not understanding healthy dog treats or natural dog treats is to do with science or evolution.

If you go to your local dog food shop, you will quickly see that most companies are ether putting the word in big block letters “natural’ or “healthy” to describe their foods on the front of the pack.

‘Natural’ of course can mean anything organic that doesn’t immediately kill your dog, hence the reason that most dry pellet bags are full of 70% wheat rather than 70% meat.  But here is that thing you should know about what globally constitutes HEALTHY dog food (and by extension dog treats).

A closed organisation in charge of members who earn billions of dollars per year by serving your dog’s the cheapest ingredients they can find (mostly grain), get to call their recipes healthy, because they abide by the aafco organisations guidelines (that they help shape) for protein level, vitamin level and minerals.

In fact they are so good at helping out their members that they have the protein level set artificially low (with no specific source noted, but so grain can reach that level) and their vitamin levels so high, that NO natural mix or meat or vegetables or grain can actually be labelled dog food.  It helps that some of the biggest dog food companies in the world happen to be pharmaceutical companies, but that is another matter.

What you should understand is that by abiding by a TABLE of numbers (not the source of the ingredients – ie like bio available meat) these companies can claim their bags are HEALTHY.  If you create an organisation who’s guidelines become law globally (including in Australia) then that sets the low standard of meat not being required in dog food to be called healthy.  NO wonder many people don’t know how important so many of the chemicals in meat are for a healthy carnivore dog?

THEN of course if your dog supposedly gets all the nutrition and more that it needs from its bag of chaff, you can continue on giving your dog more grain in the form of dog treats, right?  THAT is unfortunately one of the biggest and best lies that has ever been perpetrated over a single well known species (domestics canines) in the history of the modern world.

This of course leaves a lovely niche open for any dog food company that is brave enough to put anywhere near sufficient meat into their pellets. But you will find that since the grain companies already charge such a high fee for their ‘premium’ brands that mostly have grain in them, that any brand with near 50% meat in it becomes a super premium and prohibitive cost item.

You could all convert over to raw meat feeding like I do with my dog, but since that is beyond the desire and time of many well intentioned owners, all I can do is keep pointing people to meat based treats, and water down the true healthy benefit statement to ‘just in case’ there is anything lacking in a commercial dog foods diet.  Blueberries are pretty and nice, but at the trace element level most of the anti-oxidant and rarefied vegetable ingredients are given, they do little more than add to ingredient list space.

BIO:  Bruce Dwyer researches and sources healthy meat based dog treats in Australia for his own dog Archie and others. From an original career in Electronic engineering his analysis and research skills had him well sort after in Corporate Australia until he chose to concentrate on the dog service industry. His company ‘Healthy Dog Treats’ has been in business since 2011 and was based on finding the best dog food natural supplement nutrition for his own dog (Archie the 9 year old spoodle). Archie not only approves of the selections but is featured on many videos on site trialling these ‘treats’.  Understanding that people also enjoy dog treat news and free dog treat coupons he has a weekly email newsletter that can be subscribed on his site.   Bruce is also a Professional dog walker and besides his regular blog on his main website his daily dog walk adventure images and videos and dog treat news can be found on these places: |  |