Why what a dog ‘loves’ to eat isn’t always guaranteed to be healthy

October 3, 2016 at 6:00 am

Dogs fed a commercial diet

Dogs who regularly eat pellets or wet dog food (which is roughly 97% of Australian dogs) are consuming 70% grains or veggies and often a low quality meat.

Dog food companies realised years ago that if you feed a dog grain for the first year of life, not only do you give a dog preference for grains, but it also ‘dumbs down’ their taste buds so that they won’t recognise the value of meat when they taste it.

This is why all dog food companies stress how important it is to feed your dog their brand for the first year of their life. It often has nothing to do with health or growing nutrition requirements.

This isn’t a blog all about being anti-commercial, but it takes an owner a lot of soul searching to work out why a dog seems to avoid meat or raw meat when given the opportunity. I have seen plenty of domestic dogs not recognise raw meat as food, which ironically is all they would eat in the wild.

Dogs who eat anything off the ground 

Dogs roll in ‘bad smelling stuff’ to disguise their own scent so that prey won’t smell them coming. That is why dogs hate it when you give them a lovely smelling bath.

Dogs love variety and natural animal products. In spring you will often find dogs eating as much rabbit poop as they can get to supplement their regular diet.

They will eat grass to be sick because it provides nutrients or it feels good to eat but anyway you look at it, grass doesn’t provide major nutrition for a dog to survive on.

All of these conflicting ancestral reasons for eating random things in the park have little to do with what real healthy nutrition is for a dog. They are behavioural traits, not essential food requirements.

And worst of all, dogs will do almost anything to appease their owners. That means they will aim to eat anything an owner has in their hand. Even the most poisonous foods like chocolate.

Just because a dog will eat it doesn’t mean that it is automatically good for it!  That is why it’s worth considering as many natural meats and meat by-products (like quality offal) as you can to supplement a regular dog’s grain diet.

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