Why Sydney buys the most dog treats per person, but WA is the biggest dog treat state

November 7, 2017 at 6:52 am
Why Sydney buys the most dog treats per person, but WA is the biggest dog treat state

Did you ever wonder what kind of people buy dog treats and why they might want to in the first place? As Google is the dominant search engine in Australia its free data can tell you a lot about any market and today we look at the last year of dog treat searches in Australia.

Why MELBOURNE’S people search/ buy the most dog treats

You might think that Google is just basic search volumes (and intention to buy) on absolute population numbers, but I have done research on the American market and that data shows that often small cities most people have not heard of also rank very highly in Google searchers per population of the city. The data for this blog is for Google.com.au Oct 2016 to Sep 2017

In Australia’s case, Google volunteers that on a relative scale, Melbourne people search for ” dog treats” only slightly more than Sydney people (rank of 100 Versus 98 for Sydney). Google doesn’t provide any other city rankings for this market as they are too small on a monthly basis to be relevant to display. As each of these cities have very wide income levels it just seems that the two biggest cities in Australia, on a density basis, are the most interested in buying dog treats for their dogs.

Why WA (density of a state) search/ buy the most dog treats

This is a more interesting question by virtue of the result. You might think that if Melbourne city searches the most for dog treats, then either VIC or NSW states (Sydney a close second) would have the highest density of searches on a state wide basis.

The actual relative levels of search per state population were: WA (100), QLD (86), SA (85), NSW (64), VIC (64). You may notice that this is almost in reverse order of state population demand levels. The order of these states seems to bear some connection to population densities of the states. That is, those states where the capital city represents a relatively low proportion of the total state population seem to rank highest for state wide interest in dog treats.

Note, Melbourne and Sydney rank as the highest dog treat search cities in Australia (but there was no data for any other city) so the results for metro areas might be skewed by omission. But the state based data definitely suggests that the ranking of highest density of searches per state might give a clearer picture of what is occurring in that market as a whole.

That is, with relatively high rural populations in WA and QLD, these people may not have a lot of access to big dog treat physical stores, and prices and range might not be very competitive. Personally I know our online store is very competitive against both physical stores and online stores, and we can see how rural people might feel that they don’t have as much choices as the ‘big city’ people. It is a shame that they seem to get that more that the big city people (as those people might be missing out on the best value for dog treats).

Another consideration for this searching behaviour is that as online stores have taken over from catalogue sales (that used to be big in rural towns). This has caused a surge in people searching and buying dog treats online in these rural areas.

Of course these are all theories, however its nice to know that a good online dog treat store is valued Australia wide, and often just as much if not more by rural people !

BIO: Bruce Dwyer researches and sources healthy meat based dog treats in Australia for his own dog Archie and others. His company ‘Healthy Dog Treats’ has been in business since 2011 and was based on finding the best dog food natural supplement nutrition for his own dog (Archie the 9 year old spoodle). Archie not only approves of the selections but is featured on many videos on site trialling these ‘treats’. Understanding that people also enjoy dog treat news and free dog treat coupons he has a weekly email newsletter that can be subscribed on his site. Bruce is also a Professional dog walker and besides his regular blog on his main website his daily dog walk adventure images and videos and dog treat news can be found on these places:
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