Your Dog Knows You Better Than Anyone Else

June 14, 2016 at 3:02 pm

Dog owners and their four-legged friend usually get really attached to each other. It’s not just about the food and having a place to stay; it’s actually everything else that comes with having such an amazing pet. You wouldn’t believe how much dogs sense and feel the energy around us, the emotions, and how much they can really help us deal with pain and struggling.

Liar, liar 

Dogs actually know when you are lying. 34 different dogs were researched at Kyoto University to see if they could determine if we humans were being honest. The first person was given two containers, one with treats and the other one empty. In the first round, the person pointed out the container with treats, in the second round they pointed to the empty one, and in the third round the dog became hesitant and wouldn’t trust the person because he had been lied to in the previous round. The dogs trusted the next person because he hadn’t lied yet. So, if you want to lie to your dog about giving them treats, throwing the ball or going for a walk, don’t do that!


Dogs can sense happiness and sadness and read human expressions. When you are feeling sad, your dog may come to lie at your feet, or he can rest his head on your lap. You are the centre of his world so when he senses that you are sad it can make him sad as well. Dogs have tendencies to calm down an upset person and will even approach a person who is not their owner if that person is troubled in any way. They can provide the comfort we need.


A lot of studies have shown that dogs have the ability to sense certain illnesses such as cancer. If you notice that your dog is paying attention to a certain area of your body, you should visit your doctor. Some dogs are even trained to warn epilepsy sufferers and to detect changes in blood sugar levels, helping  people who suffer from diabetes. It’s all in the nose. Dogs have a stronger sense of smell than humans, from 10,000 to 100,000 times stronger, and that can make our lives much easier.

Dogs know when you don’t like someone

When we love or like someone, dopamine and serotonin is released in our system and it causes the chemical reaction that leads to happiness and joy. The same thing happens when we are not really keen on someone, although our body releases a different set of hormones which are associated with hate and fear.  Your dog can sense the changes in you and will start to dislike the person you do as well. Your body language is very important when you like or dislike someone and your dog will have a reaction and urge to protect you if you really don’t like a person.

We should learn to respect and not underestimate or dogs because they may know something about us we don’t. We can learn a lot from our pets and we can learn how to understand them without saying a word. Dogs love us no matter what so let’s return the favour!