Once they have gone

May 30, 2014 at 5:29 am
Sleeping Angel

Being an Animal Communicator does make it easier to connect with animals once they’ve passed on, but you don’t always want to go through an Animal Communicator to deal with your loved one’s death. Being able to connect with your dog, in your own time, in your own space can make the understanding more intimate.

From my experience I believe that animals have souls just as we do. The soul leaves the body and moves onto the next world. Souls that we’ve been close to in this lifetime continue to come and visit us and this connection can last many lifetimes. This is why we are closer to some of our pets more than others. We love all of them however there are only a few that we have that deep connection with.

Some of my clients will call me in for a session when they know that their dog is nearing their time to pass. This allows for family members to express how they are feeling and to let their dog know what they meant to them. It also allows the doggie to express their feelings towards the family. It’s not the most fun time but it is a beautiful ritual of support and letting go. Everyone knows what is happening and a heartfelt ‘goodbye’ completes this.

But when your dog passes away suddenly, this doesn’t always allow you to say ‘goodbye’. I’ve also been in this position where my cat decided to leave home before her passing. It can be quite upsetting and can also leave you feeling guilty and wondering why it happened so quickly.

Having sessions with your dog once they have passed on can ease your grief but healing takes time. Grief is such a personal experience and everyone expresses this differently. The difficult transition is always initially once they’ve left. There may be times when you think you see them in the corner of your eye or feel the void that seems to be in the home. Many animals will come back to visit and this can cause the owner more distress if they aren’t prepared for this. You will feel them around you or notice something of theirs in the home. This is their way of connecting to you. However it can also increase the feeling of loss.

Being aware that your dog may be visiting you in this manner can allow the connection to be felt with more ease and love. You may even doubt that this is happening BUT I always say to clients  ‘What if it really IS happening?’

If you are open to this concept, it can change the way you deal with them moving on as know that you are still able to communicate with them. A simple ritual that you can set up when you want to connect is like having a direct line to them. If you think about it, it’s similar to dialling them up on your mobile.

Here is a simple way of creating your own ritual

1. Create a space where you place a photo or something of theirs on a table

2. Sit comfortably in that space knowing that the photo or object is your link to them

3. Add a candle and when you are ready light it

  • this is similar to dialing on your mobile

4. Get into a calm, still state (in a meditative state from your heart space)

5. Look at the photo and let yourself express how you feel towards them and at times you may receive feelings from them

  • some people say they can feel a lick or a paw on them
  • this can help you to move through the loss of missing your special four-legged friend.
  • many tears can be shed and it’s OK. They are well worth the tears!

There is no right or wrong way to deal with loss, it is a journey that we all experience at some stage of our lives. Knowing that we can still connect and feel them can comfort us during this time.

Until next time Woof!