Life as a Dog

February 11, 2014 at 1:01 am
Simonne Lee - Life as a Dog

Many people joke that when they return to earth, they want to come back as a dog. We all know dogs – they play, they eat, they love and then they play again.  Man’s best friend you say!

What about a dog’s best friend?

So many of us love our dogs, they’re amazing best friends, but do you really connect with your dog on their level?

Being an Animal Communicator sheds a lot of insight into a dog’s world. They all have different personalities and how they fit into the family dynamics (I’m talking about family positioning here) and most of all how they communicate with their family. When I say family, it’s a mixture of all species that happen to co-habit in the home i.e. humans (parents and siblings), dogs, cats, birds etc. Everyone that has ever lived with a dog knows that there is that subtle and not-so-subtle style of communication happening.

Have you ever noticed how your dog communicates with you? Or how you communicate with your dog?

Whether you’re out for the day working, on errands or socialising, how you leave your home (I mean the emotional state that you leave your home) is a direct message to your dog to interpret for the day. Dogs are very sensitive to our energy and emotions that you’re expressing, consciously and unconsciously. So if you’re in a centred and calm state, your dog is going to respond like everything is all fine. He/she may still not want you to leave for the day, but there is a calmness exuding from you that makes them feel safer.

If you leave in a stressed or panicked state, then this will directly affect your dog. They will feel the energy from you and get the message that something is definitely wrong. They will take on this energy as they to connect with you as you’re leaving. Your dog isn’t going to understand you’re running late for your bus – they just read panic! Dogs don’t understand necessarily the reason for our states however; they are reactive to the energy going on around them.

With Animal Communication it’s important to be aware of what energy you’re sending out to your dog so that your communication can reassure them. Here are some simple tips on to connect with your dog:

1. Take in a couple of deep, slow breaths with your eyes closed
We want you to centre yourself from the inside out.

2. Be aware of what your body is feeling as you take the breaths
Noticing what your body is feeling allows you to step into the present (much easier to connect with your best friend).

3. Now change your energy/emotional state to how you want your dog to feel
Mothers do this for their little ones all the time i.e. if you’re leaving them for them, think of when you return home and how they greet you.

4. Take a deep breath in, think of your dog and as you exhale, let that feeling go
It will move towards your dog.

5. Viola – a simple communication tip with your best furry friend.