It’s a Paw Affair

February 26, 2014 at 12:13 am

Is it possible that we can love our dogs too much?

You don’t have to explain to me what having a dog in your life is like. The companionship, the loyalty, and most of all the unconditional love. Having a best friend waiting for you every time you come home can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life but how can loving them too much be such a bad thing?

To give or receive love, we come from a place in our hearts. Love is an emotion (energy in motion) that our dogs can feel. Without a doubt you know when your dog is sharing the love and know what it feels like. We also know what it feels like when our dog is giving us too much love. The more they give us, the more they tend to want acknowledgement of what they’re sending our way. It can then turn into neediness and if you ask me, that can create a whole lot of new issues – not good ones either.

So you get what I mean when our dog is giving us just a bit too much love but what happens when it’s reversed…

Giving too much love to our best friend is ok as long as it’s balanced. What I mean by balanced is have good boundaries or structure for your four-legged friend to follow. Dogs feel love through energy, so it’s important that we are balanced emotionally when we’re giving them love in general. Our dogs want to connect with us on this level so it’s easy for them to take as much as we can give however, too much love can smother them. Depending on their personality (and yes each one has their own personality) they will respond accordingly.

One example is that they may start to feel responsible for us e.g. wary of strangers or other animals coming into the pack, maybe becoming territorial or perhaps loss of social skills. Feeling responsible for their human is such a big task, emotionally and energetically for them. Dogs look to us as the leader of the pack and when we allow them this position, there isn’t any balance.

So the next time you’re loving your dog, check in and see where you’re coming from energetically.  Remember dogs make us responsible for our own emotional state.

Here are a few tips

1. Letting go of the day before you come into the home
Your dog is not able to filter your energy

2. Being aware of your emotional state allows you to find your balance before connecting with them

3. Your dog reminds you to open your heart
Being aware of this consciously reminds you to be present with them

4. Remember an emotion is ‘energy in action’ so be aware of the emotion/s running your through your body

5. Doing this daily allows you to be responsible for your emotions before you connect with your best friend

Until next time.