How much is that doggy in the window?

July 28, 2014 at 4:00 am
Doggy in the window

Getting a DOG can be one of the most EXCITING moments to experience. An addition to the family whether you live on your own or already have a whole clan, there’s no denying the enthusiasm in the air.

Have you ever thought about why you choose that particular dog?
Is it just a random choice or perhaps you believe in co-incidence?

I often ask my clients or friends, ‘What made you choose that particular doggy?’ Their responses are usually, ‘Oh this one was hiding up the back’ or ‘this one came running up to me’. I tend to have a little chuckle to myself as I have a different view as to why people choose a particular pet to come into their life.

From my experience with animals and from doing animal communication for clients, there is another reason why we choose that particular dog into the family. It has more to do with an energy connection, (I personally don’t believe in co-incidences, we attract what our thoughts are thinking, good or negative we’re creating our own worlds).

But what about attracting certain people into your life?
Have you ever thought that perhaps this applies to animals too?

Some animals have lessons to exchange with their human owners, and that’s why we may bond more deeply with certain pets over others (that doesn’t change how much you love all of them). A few dogs that I’ve met in my time have such deep wisdom and insight. Some have told me they knew their owner before they met them. They recognise the familiar energy of the person, so it’s easier for them to get their attention and establish a connection.

If I were to give an example, it’s like meeting a new person and you hit it off straight away. Somehow this person feels familiar (energetically) and this helps you to let your walls down. This way, you can connect more easily.

You may have gathered that I believe all animals have souls, and like humans, souls also mingle with each other (this also happens on the other side when they cross over). Some dogs will have a soul connection with you, making it easier for you to choose them.

Not all dogs in your lifetime will have this special connection but when they do, recognise it. It’s such a special feeling to be aware of a soul connection regardless of it being human or with another species.

Here are some simple tips when choosing a doggy for your family

  1. Know the size that suits your home
  2. Educate yourself on different breeds to suit your lifestyle
  3. When you go through photos on websites – sit with each photo and observe how your body feels
  4. Meet the dog in person, notice how you connect with them – you may be steered in another direction
  5. When both of you are leaving their environment, make sure you are grounded and connected to them

I’m a massive advocate of adopting a pet into your life, but if you choose a breeder, please make sure they are reputable and certified, as the life of an animal deserves to live in harmony, just like you do.

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