Going on holidays? What about the Dog?

April 28, 2014 at 4:05 am
Going on holidays

Do you ever feel guilty when you’re about to go away and you have to make arrangements for your dog? Know that they’re going to give you that look with their head down and tail between their legs?

Well let me share with you, all that definitely works on me! I’m the biggest sucker for those sad doe eyes.

For a lot dog owners this can make going away so much harder. I’ve even had clients that won’t go on holidays so that they don’t leave their dog alone. And when I say alone, they have someone come and stay, a pet feeder or they take them to a kennel.

Going on a road trip allows you to take a different approach – pet-friendly accommodation is a lot easier to find now a days, so bringing the pooch has never been simplier. However if your holiday happens to be a plane trip away, then that changes the big picture. A few of my clients, if travelling domestically, will fly their dog to their holiday destination and call me in to have an Animal Communication session. Advising their four-legged one on what’s about to happen, can alleviate a lot of hassle as airports aren’t the most stress-free experience.

So travelling with your dog is one option but what if it isn’t? I always encourage animal owners to prepare themselves first when going away. Getting their mind into the right state will assist them and their dog emotionally. Getting a pet sitter or kennel for your dog is not a bad thing, really!! In my view it’s pretty exciting to have someone new come into your home while you’re away. Your doggy now has a different job – a big job and that is to look after the person that has come to care for them (we let them think that they’re the one looking after the human. Shhh keep it that way :) ). All we need to tell them is that their job is to keep the home calm AND to make sure the person (coming to stay) feels safe and knows the house rules. Dogs absolutely love having a job within the family. It gives them a position in the family and leaving them with a job will assist in making them feel their role is important.

Perhaps you’re not having a person come to stay and look after your dog.  You may be sending them to a kennel. Again, don’t feel guilty, this sends the wrong message to them.  Going to a kennel can be lots of fun. There are lots of other dogs to play with constantly and so much action happening all the time. When I do a session with animals going into boarding I tell them it’s going to be lots of fun. There is always someone to play with and new adventures to sniff out and mark. Kennel time is their own special holiday really!

Dogs feed and follow our energy so if we’re having any guilty feelings or thoughts, we’re sending this message across to them. They don’t understand our reasons for this but they do feel it. This is not the message you want to send across to them. It can leave them in a panicked state.

So whether you are sending them away or having someone come and stay at your home here are a few steps:

  1. Get yourself into the right state mentally and emotionally
    You’re in charge here so take control
  2. Have an outcome of what’s going to happen
    Instead of you thinking that you’re going to leave them, think of what their job is while you’re away
  3. Tell them what their job is while you’re away or if they go off on an adventure
  4. Tell them how many suns and moons
    1 day = 1 sun and 1 moon
  5. Always send them an image of your or their return to the family with lots of hugs and kisses.

The last thing to remember is it’s how we deliver the information to our dog that sets them up for our time away. We can make it a lot more fun for them.

Until next time, Woof!