Dog Talk – Is your dog listening to you?

March 10, 2014 at 4:06 am
Is your doggie listening?

Dogs love being included with their families and just hanging out. But what would happen if we could let them know what you were about to do? Just imagine what a difference that can make in your dog’s life!

Here are five simple steps for you to connect and communicate with your dog.

1. Know what you’re saying by writing it down – Keep It Simple

Dogs connect to us through our emotions and energy. We’re able to exchange images and thoughts in our mind. But if we’re feeling happy about seeing them and also have our shopping list or daily schedule in our minds, we’re not sending them a clear message. Writing it down gives us clarity first.

2. De-clutter your mind through meditation or breathing

To be present means to be connected and aware of the energy or emotions moving throughout your body. At times when we’re stressed, we may tend to shallow breathe (which can turn into a habit). Breathing deeply into the body allows for more oxygen to move through all our systems creating more balance and clarity. This is what the role of the breath is, movement within the body. Through a meditation (can be five minutes) you can connect with your body, become present and grounded. You can also achieve this through breathing exercises.

Take a deep, slow breath all the way down to the belly, holding for three seconds and then gently exhale. Pause between breaths for three seconds. Repeat this cycle five times and it can assist in keeping you centered/grounded.

3. Connecting with your dog

Either get a photo of your dog or have them right next to you. If you are able to, look them. Be aware of what you’re feeling in your chest while doing this (animals help us to open up our hearts so I encourage you to notice the sensations). Now imagine sending this feeling their way (just like when we blow a kiss to someone special).

4. Let them know what you have written down

We’ve now opened our connection with our dog. Now I want you to think about what you wrote down, even see it as a picture. Feel this (if you can) inside your body and gently say it out loud. By doing this you are signaling with your mind, your body and your emotions what you would like your pet to understand.

5. Getting a response

A response can come to you as a thought or voice in your head. It can also come as feeling, a knowing or even an image. Work out the way that works best for you and go with it. A lot of students will tell me that they feel like they’re making it up, but I always encourage them to go with the flow. We’re building communication through our senses. It’s only our conditioning that makes us question our intuition.

Remember practice makes paw-fect!

These are some simple steps to Animal Communication Made Easy…..

Until next time Woof!