7 Tips To Bringing Home A Baby

October 27, 2015 at 9:21 am


What happens when there is an addition to the family of the human kind?

If you don’t have any children besides your dog, then your beloved canine is your first baby. You’ve lavished all the attention on them and they definitely live up to the saying ‘man’s best friend’. So now with a new baby on the way, home life is about to get a little bit busier.

Life is all about changes and adapting to each situation, so how you prepare your fury baby for the impending birth is the game changer. With my clients, I always encourage them to write down what they want to happen, what changes, how they see their routine occurring. This way it’s not all muddled up in your mind, there’s a lot of change going on already.

It’s important to decide where your dog is allowed to go or how the rules are to be changed in your home. For example, no more lying on the couch, baby’s room is out of bounds, feeding from the table or coffee table area is now a no go. Once you have your list organised, we sit down and work out a plan on how to create the change a few months before the arrival of baby.

Here are 7 tips to help you settle into a new routine.

  1. Decide where your dog is allowed to go once baby is born
    a. Baby’s room.
    b. On the couch.
  2. Designated feeding area. Perhaps you should choose not to share treats from your plate.
  3. Where their bed will be?
    a. In your room.
    b. On your bed.
    c. In a different room.
  4. Getting them used to a baby’s cry. You can Google the sound of a baby’s cry and play it so they become familiar with the sound.
  5. Let them know there is a baby in the belly. We always talk to our dogs so sharing with them their impending sibling and that they’re to help you look after them is a way of connecting. Animals can sense a pregnancy.
  6. How is your walking routine going to change once the baby has arrived?
  7. Start putting into practice all of the above a couple of months before your due date. This way your doggie will not connect this change to the arrival of the baby. They will have adapted to the change beforehand.

Once the beautiful new addition has entered the world and captivated your hearts, some of your new routine has already been placed. Before coming home with the baby, I always encourage bringing home a blanket so that your doggie can become familiar with the new smells. Some clients even wrap a doll in the blanket when introducing to their dog.

Our beloved dogs are sensitive creatures too. They still want to know that they’re part of the pack or the family. By introducing change before the baby arrives, your dog has time to get used to all the changes. More change happens when the new baby comes home as the pack order changes. It all takes time to adjust and with a little bit of planning beforehand, you can make it an easier transition for all members of the family.

Enjoy the new addition to your family knowing that you’ve prepared your gorgeous canine for their arrival.

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