5 Steps to Having a Mindful Connection with your Pet

December 2, 2015 at 4:00 pm

For avid pet lovers, there is no doubt in my mind that we just love them to bits. All the effort that goes along with training, exercise, vets and finding out their food preferences is not always smooth sailing. In the end, is it worth the investment to feel the love and gratitude they exchange with us?

So what does mindfulness and having a pet have to do with each other? Animals respond to energy, our energy (FULL STOP). If that is the only message you take from reading this, then I’m smiling over here :) .

How we manage ourselves emotionally, physically and mentally are expressed directly through our energy. Just think about it, how else would they know when we are sick, sad or just having a bad day?

We all have experienced that beautiful feeling that spreads throughout the body when we truly connect with out pets. You instantly see your pet respond when you’re both in sync with each other. This in part  is MINDFULNESS. If we are to take this a step further, choosing to stay in that moment and lengthen the time you allow yourself to experience this feeling, this sensation within the body – you are in a state being present with awareness.

Our pets certainly do yearn for this method of connection. They also experience their own feelings and sensations at the same time. It’s like two bodies exchanging feelings, emotions and the beginning of what I love to teach Animal Communication.

How many times have you been playing or chatting away to your pet while you’re think of all the things you need to do before the end of the day? You are not fully engaged with them and don’t think for a moment they not aware of this.

There are other times when you come home, bend down, look them in the eye and greet them. You may even briefly acknowledge you’ve had a moment of connection and understanding with them. This is how our animals communicate with us, when we create the space for this exchange and connection to occur = mindfulness

Mindfulness isn’t tricky; it’s about focusing on one thing at a time with awareness. Our pets want nothing more than a mindful connection with their family every single day!

Here are 5 tips I teach my students in having Mindful Connection with your Pet:

  1. Before you enter your home, really dust off you feet on your doormat. This helps you let go of the day’s experiences and bring your energy back into your body.
  2. Take a couple of deep breaths and bring your thoughts gently to your breath. Now you’re ready to greet your pet.
  3. As you see your pet come to greet you, take a moment and look into their eyes and smile (your energy will follow your smile).
  4. Remembering to breathe, stay in that moment and allow yourself to share how you’re feeling with your pet. We do this all the time with close friends and family, so why not with your pet consciously!
  5. Sharing how you feel in that moment with your pet is only part of the exchange. The latter half is letting your pet share how they’re feeling with you.

So staying in that moment a touch longer is the beginning of Animal Communication through our senses and what I call a heart connection.

Life is all about having moments and experiences that we can treasure. When we have them with awareness, we step into the mindful part of ourselves, which can deepen our experience and connection with our pets.

Why not try it over the next four days and see what difference it can make in life with your pet? There’s nothing better than that warm and fuzzy feeling you get home by choosing a mindful connection.


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